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Your Evolt 360 Body Scanner Offer

As a FranchiseE, You are Mandated by ATF Head Office To Purchase an EvolT 360 Scanner.

To assist you in meeting your ATF head office mandate, we have made ordering your Evolt body scanner even easier.

* Don’t pay your first monthly instalment until next year.*
* Receive your Evolt body scanner immediately.
* Interest-free 36-month plan

This offer expires on the 9th of December so don’t delay!

* Payment of the delivery fee with be required upfront. The first monthly instalment will be due 1 Jan 2023.


body composition scanner

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Case STudies

"We've seen a lot of great things with using this new technology"

Anytime Fitness Ripon, Wisconsin

“I Must Admit My Highlight Was Trying Out One Particular Machine On Board, Which Measures Your Overall Fitness And Gives A Mark Out Of 10. I’m Proud (Okay, Smug!) To Share I Was The First Person To Score A Perfect 10. What’s More, The Machine Guessed My Age As 59 – I’ll Take That!“


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