TORONTO, CANADA. –March 1, 2021 10am EST –Announced today, Kashif Khan, CEO and Founder of THE DNA Company and Edward Zouroudis, CEO of EVOLT proudly announces their new partnership with the agenda to improve health and wellbeing through integration.

SAID CEO KASHIF KHAN OF THE DNA COMPANY: “A new integration between THE DNA COMPANY and Australian wellness company EVOLT will see body genetics analysis available to millions of users through the revolutionary EVOLT Active App.

With the fitness industry filled with tools and resources to help understand the body, the Evolt Active App is a cut above the rest, allowing people to understand more than just weight loss numbers. Our research team has spent the last 3 years working with professional athletes, Olympians and black ops military exploring the full potential of human optimization by unlocking our human instructional manual – our DNA. This integration with EVOLT is our first major effort bringing our insights from professional athletes to the general consumer.”

SAID CEO Edward Zouroudis OF EVOLT: “This progressive insight has been the driving force behind the exciting partnership between THE DNA COMPANY and EVOLT. As a pioneer in the science of functional genomics, THE DNA COMPANY understands EVOLT 360 scan results go beyond just reporting current states, to informing personalised roadmaps for improving those results.


The Evolt 360 Body Scanner machine is a medically graded composition machine that uses bioimpedance technology to provide a user with full insight into body composition health. In 60 seconds, the Evolt 360 uses algorithm-based measurements to give data on lean muscle mass, body fat, protein, body water percentage and more than 40 other measurements, which all get sent directly to a user’s Evolt Active App account.

Together, test results from THE DNA COMPANY integrated with EVOLT 360 body scan results will unlock an individual’s ability to deal with their health in a more precise way – drastically reducing the burden of cost, potential physical pain and time involved in improving health and wellness, as well as treating chronic disease.

Imagine receiving your personalised report from the DNA COMPANY, which would provide the most accurate information about your genomic fingerprint, and combining it with the results of an EVOLT 360 body scanner. You would have superior insight into identifying how your genes and genetic pathways influence your health and wellness – that’s more than double the advantage.

With the combined details of your DNA and more than 40 personal measurements from the Evolt 360 that stay uploaded in your Evolt Active App account, there’s never been a better time to get to know how your body works more, and what more it can do for you.