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Body composition.

Introducing The Highly Effective Body Scan Machine, The Evolt 360.

Evolt™ is the market leading body composition machine. We’ve created a highly driven community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners across the health and wellness sector.

Our passion is offering business owners an all-in-one digital solution that delivers state of art member tracking, goal setting, risk retention initiatives and the support and know-how to run a successful business using this groundbreaking revenue generating ecosystem.


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See why the world’s best brands are choosing the Evolt 360™ as their number one body composition machine choice.

Using the insights dashboard, you can view your brand’s analytics and impacts over single and multiple locations while also setting KPI’s to ensure you are generating the most income or member retention from your Evolt 360 body scanner for health.

By utilizing Evolt 360’s Body Composition Analyzer, Dashboard Insights and Body Scanner App, your business will stand apart from the rest. Unparalleled repeatable data that is proven to elevate your brand’s awareness and presence.


Backed by scientifically validated technology, the Evolt 360 gym body scanner and body scanner app offer business owners a full digital solution to inspire & connect with their customers. Evolt also tracks your customers risk of leaving with the Evolt Retention Risk Report.


Evolt 360’s ecosystem of products has proven to boost member engagement by providing the tools needed to analyze each individual customers health markers and propose positive actions to improve health and lifestyle.

Evolt are innovators in the body composition space, building the world’s first intuitive business platform to engage existing members.

Evolt is not just a gym body scanner, it’s an eco-system providing insights that allow your business to understand your customers and extend your offering through bespoke nutritional advice as well as functional and practical exercise protocols.

Set up and streamline transformation challenges at the click of a button.

Once launched, admins can overview group challenge results and pull individual progress reports instantly.

The live leaderboard view will help you and your team stay on top of your participants and increase member engagement by providing real-time data driven feedback.

Customer Case Studies

The Perfect Fit

In just a few short years Evolt has become a global player, securing contracts across multiple vertical channels, from health insurers, health and fitness and retail to government bodies and some of the world’s largest gym chains.GYM OWNERS

Franchised Gyms | Individually Owned Gyms | Specialized Gyms

Large Franchised Group Training Studios | Privately Owned Group Training Studios

Nutritionists | Supplement Stores | Pharmacies | Health Food Stores

Customer Case Studies

and beyond...

Evolt aims to be the most trusted company for people’s wellness journey, with our body scan machine for health that is evolving body composition intelligence and providing a complete ecosystem for personal measurement.

Health Insurance Companies & Corporate Health Businesses | Large Corporate Firms

Athlete testing at the NFL International Combine

Medical Centres | Community Centres and other facilities 

Customer Case Studies

The perfect fit

In just a few short years Evolt has become a global player, securing contracts across multiple vertical channels, from health insurers, health and fitness and retail to government bodies and some of the world’s largest gym chains.

The Leading Body Scanner For Health

We supply more than 40+ countries our state of the art body scanner resulting in over 3,000,000 scans.

Average Visceral Fat
Total Fat Lost (lbs)
Total Muscle Gained (lbs)
Average Body Wellness Score

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Since EVOLT was founded, our sole purpose has been to make the world a healthier place. As our journey has evolved and grown, our mission is just as important now than ever before. Health is our most valuable asset and Evolt is committed to giving people more metrics on their health insights through our body scanner to focus on what matters to them.


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