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Evolt is not just a Body Composition Tool, it’s an eco-system providing Insights that allows your business to understand your customers and extend your business offering.

Evolt 360

The Evolt 360 Body Composition Tool, is a simple-to-use 60-second scan that provides detailed data about a body through more than 40 measurements.


Evolt Active App

The Evolt Active App is the ultimate Health & Wellness App for people who are serious about reaching their goals. With the unique capture of bio-feedback from the Evolt 360, the Evolt Active App is able to provide detailed and individualized assistance based on a user’s goals.

Increase revenue and profitability for your business with the Evolt Ecosystem.


Scientifically Validated Technology

The advanced Evolt 360 data analysis methodology incorporates a 5-point algorithm that has been developed purely on evidence-based data, presented in the research.

Calorie & Macronutrient Calculator

Unique to the Evolt 360, this powerful feature is based on a persons individualized body composition metrics derived from lean tissue/basal metabolic rate together with goals, body type activity level and activity type.

Supplement & Vitamin Recommendations

Developed in collaboration with qualified professionals and Dietitian Approved, this feature provides supplement & vitamin recommendations giving your customers a helping hand on their health and wellness journey.

Bio-Wellness Index
Bio-Wellness Index Score

The Bio-Wellness Index (BWI®) score is a calculation based on the integrity of lean body mass versus total fat mass in order to provide a more purposeful number out of 10 as an overall measure of progress in the promotion of healthy lean body mass for longevity.

Advanced Customer Insights

Unique to the Evolt 360, over 40 data points are captured at each and every scan giving you the insights to delve deeper into your customer’s individual health journey. Never before has it been possible or as easy to know so much about your customers.

Automated Challenges

The first of its kind, the automated Challenge feature provides businesses with the ability to automatically leader board members without the time-consuming task of manually adding and subtracting metrics.


New member acquisition

Member Engagement

Income generation

Automated challenges

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