Listen to our Chief Strategy Officer Mike Bassett, on 2GB’s Healthy Living with Dr. Ross Walker. The conversation shed light on the increasing significance of body scanning technology, particularly Evolt’s innovative solutions, in understanding and improving health outcomes.

Body Fat Distribution and Longevity

In the interview, Mike and Dr. Walker discuss the critical importance of where fat is deposited in the body. Recent research has shown that fat distribution, especially visceral fat around vital organs, plays a significant role in overall health and longevity. Traditional methods of tracking body weight like BMI, don’t provide a comprehensive picture of health, which is where body composition analysis comes into play. Evolt’s advanced body scanning technology offers detailed insights into fat distribution, allowing individuals and health professionals to better assess and manage health risks associated with fat accumulation.

The Need for Muscle Mass as We Age

Another key topic was the increasing need for muscle mass as we age. Mike emphasized that maintaining and building muscle mass is crucial for metabolic health, mobility, and overall quality of life. Evolt’s body composition analysis provides valuable data on muscle mass, helping individuals tailor their fitness and nutrition plans to support muscle health. This is particularly important in preventing age-related muscle loss and ensuring a healthy, active lifestyle in later years.

The Rise of Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic

The conversation also touched on the growing popularity of weight loss drugs like Ozempic. While these medications can be effective, Mike highlighted the importance of a holistic approach to weight management that includes understanding body composition. Evolt’s technology enables users to monitor changes in fat and muscle mass, providing a more comprehensive view of the effectiveness of weight loss interventions. This holistic perspective helps users make informed decisions about their health and wellness strategies

Evolt’s Role in Health and Fitness

Throughout the interview, Mike shared how Evolt’s body composition analysis technology is revolutionizing the health and fitness industry. By providing detailed, actionable data, Evolt empowers individuals and health professionals to make informed decisions about fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. Our technology not only helps users track their progress but also supports the development of personalized health and fitness plans that drive better outcomes.

Listen to the Full Interview

We invite you to listen to the full interview to gain deeper insights into the importance of body composition analysis and how Evolt is leading the way in this field. Mike’s conversation with Dr. Ross Walker is both informative and inspiring, highlighting the vital role of advanced health technology in today’s world.

Listen to the interview here.

Join the Conversation

At Evolt, we are committed to advancing health and wellness through innovative technology. We encourage you to join the conversation and explore how our body composition analysis solutions can benefit you or your business. Together, we can make a significant impact on health and longevity.

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