Actually, we hope you can catch up with us at one of our upcoming events around the Globe.

The next few months are jam-packed with Expos, summits & preferred supplier conferences.

Check out the list below and we hope to see you at one of them!


13-14 June 2019- Tasmania FITX Conference, Tasmania, Australia VIEW

13-14 June 2019- 2019 Functional Aging Summit, New Mexico, USA  VIEW

20-21 June 2019- Anytime Fitness Annual Conference the UK (Preferred Supplier), Birmingham, UK  VIEW 

26-30 June 2019- IDEA World, Anaheim, USA VIEW 

29-30 June 2019- Singapore Expro, Singapore VIEW 

29 June 2019- IGNITE, Singapore VIEW

13-14 July 2019- Brisbane Fitness Show, Brisbane, Australia VIEW

18-19 July 2019 – Anytime Fitness Regional Conference, Reno, NV  (Exclusive to Anytime Fitness)

18-20 July 2019- YMCA General Assembly, Anaheim, USA VIEW 

25-26 July 2019- Fuel Conference, Sydney, Australia VIEW 

25-26 July 2019- Listen to Your Body Annual Conference (Preferred Supplier), Melbourne, Australia VIEW

8-9 August 2019 – Anytime Fitness Regional Conference, Grand Rapids, MI  (Exclusive to Anytime Fitness)

9 August 2019- IGNITE, Sydney, Australia VIEW 

13-15th August- BOLD Mind Body Conference, Anaheim, California VIEW 

14-15 August – Anytime Fitness Regional Conference, Baltimore, MD  (Exclusive to Anytime Fitness)

15-16 August- CANFITPRO, Toronto, Canada VIEW 

23 August 2019- IGNITE, Melbourne, Australia VIEW

27-28 September 2019 – Anytime Fitness Regional Conference, Calgary, AB  (Exclusive to Anytime Fitness)

3-4 October 2019 – Anytime Fitness Regional Conference, Stillwater, MN  (Exclusive to Anytime Fitness)

15-17 October 2019, FIBO USA, Miami, USA  VIEW

24-26 October 2019- Anytime Fitness Annual Conference (Preferred Supplier), Hamilton Island, Australia VIEW

26-27 October 2019- Melbourne Fitness Show, Melbourne, Australia VIEW

5-6 December 2019 – Anytime Fitness Regional Conference, New Orleans, LA  (Exclusive to Anytime Fitness)