Pharmacists attending the Gold Coast’s Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference this month got a first-hand look at the advanced technology provided by the Evolt 360.

The Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyser made its appearance this weekend at the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference (APP 2021), which was held on the Gold Coast from Thursday to Sunday (20-23 May), and it was a phenomenal hit amongst pharmaceutical experts.

It was also the perfect weekend to showcase to pharmacists how the Evolt 360 could benefit as a possible second income generator and drive more foot traffic through their doors.

In an expo environment, industry leaders got the opportunity to step on an Evolt 360 and gain first-hand experience of advanced BIA (bio-electrical impedance analysis) body scanning technology, giving them a chance to see what all the fuss is about with Evolt’s evidence-based, scientifically-backed machine.

Hands-on interaction followed by direct one-on-one information from Evolt specialists provided attending pharmacists with the knowledge of how an Evolt 360 could be a point of difference in their community – discovering how to integrate body scans with loyalty programs, health appointments and supplement sales being just one way of attracting new customers as well as keeping current ones.

Pharmacists who got to jump on the Evolt 360 got a true feel for its performance, learning all about its means of expanding health and wellness services to their customers and the broader community and using it as a tool to establish customer loyalty and drive the frequency of repeat visits.

Seeing how easy it is to receive more than 40 measurements about the body’s inner workings, such as total body water, protein, skeletal muscle mass and visceral fat percentage provided conference goers with the tools needed to assist customers, and future customers, on understanding body composition and its overall positive effect on living a happy and healthy life.

Our Evolt team provided information on all things Evolt 360, including how to correctly use the body scanner, what the results covered, how body composition knowledge was key to lifestyle changes and how all information synced back to the Evolt Active app.

To include an Evolt 360 body scan into a pharmacy’s loyalty program, or inviting customers to step on the machine to see what supplements and/or nutrition aids they might need, will come as a big benefit to pharmaceutical professionals. As a second income generator, this can have a positive flow on effect with confidence built not only in staff, but amongst customers who know their local pharmacy is providing a high quality service for the health of everyone.

The APP Conference – attended by key players in the Pharmaceutical industry including Blackmores, Swisse, Blooms the Chemist, Chemist Warehouse, Terry White Chemmart, Star Pharmacy, Priceline and many more – not only provided an inside view into the high-tech world of Evolt, but was an exhibition with multiple speakers, professional development activities, networking events and over 400 trade stands.

Evolt proudly participated at the conference and all our Evolt specialist team members thoroughly enjoyed meeting a wide range of pharmacy officials and industry leaders.

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