Evolt Active App New Release

Say hello to the new look of the Evolt Active App! This update marks the beginning of numerous enhancements, all designed to offer a seamless, user-friendly, and enriching journey, complete with educational resources and tailored functionalities that align with individual health and fitness goals. This new version of the Evolt Active App has been meticulously crafted to elevate engagement and success for your members.

The latest update provides users with a smoother navigation experience, featuring essential features conveniently displayed on the home tab. Whether tracking scans, monitoring progress with graphs, or exploring calorie and macro details, everything is just a scroll away. Here are some of the exciting new changes and additions:

In-Depth Body Composition Analysis:

Tracking body composition changes is vital for evaluating the effectiveness of nutrition and training strategies. Our app offers essential insights into body composition metrics, guiding members to make informed adjustments to reach their fitness objectives with your support.

Nutrition and Wellness Education Articles:

Educational articles are now seamlessly integrated into the app, providing users easy access to nutrition and wellness resources in one hub. This enhancement aims to offer significant support and guidance for users working towards their fitness goals.

Eat Smart, Live Well with Evolt Active App’s Macro Friendly Recipe:

Explore the newest section featuring macro-friendly recipes crafted to support fitness goals. Carefully curated by our expert, these recipes provide dietary guidance fitting within macronutrient goals, crucial for body composition transformation success.

Inspiring Transformations and Real Results:

The Transformation Features section highlights inspiring transformations and real results from individuals worldwide. Access a collection of motivational fitness stories, designed to keep users on track as they work towards their health goals.

Join Group Challenges:

The unique Challenge feature enables members to participate in Gym-specific challenges using a unique code, fostering motivation through result tracking and team member ranking comparisons. Transform challenges into engaging tools for significant progress and success stories throughout your business.

Get to Know Your Body Better with Lifestyle Questionnaires:

The Lifestyle Questionnaire update is designed for individuals starting their fitness journey, providing valuable insights for personalized fitness plans.

This app update is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a game-changer in how members interact with your business, providing them with the tools and knowledge to succeed. Anticipate many more features in the near future, positioning your business as a leader in innovation and member support.

Download the Evolt Active App on the Apple Store or Google Play HERE