Evolt 360 Qtime Fitness Helps Clients Reach Their Potential

“Using the Evolt 360 is next level for health and performance”

With a holistic approach to optimizing physical and mental health, QTIME FITNESS in Queensland (Australia) has set its sights on helping people reach their highest potential through their specialized training programs.

Founded in 2014, QTIME FITNESS offers ankorr, strength and conditioning, speed mechanics, yoga, nutrition, and athlete development through group classes, one-on-one coaching sessions and individualized plans. With an Evolt 360 now at their fingertips, keeping up-to-date with client progress has just gotten easier.

Perfect Progress with the Evolt 360

Before bringing in an Evolt 360, QTIME FITNESS measured client progress with calipers or skinfold assessments and had athletes perform strength and fitness tests for comparison. But once the high-tech body scanning technology was brought through the doors, it was clear that the Evolt 360 provided coaches with the right data to assess clients and athletes.

“We use the Evolt 360 with all our clients to measure and assess progress, and to ensure our tailored programs are proven with results,” the team at QTIME says.

“We also use it for our sports and performance teams as well as our corporate sectors. We utilize the Evolt 360 when we work with high-level athletes to measure performance and individual goals, this is a must for us and the platform suits us really well. Our corporate structure is based on mental and general health where we get to engage on a whole different level utilizing our nutritionist, and health and wellness coach. All of this is the focus on the Evolt 360.”

“It’s also used for our challenges and member retention. Being able to measure, assess and plan using the Evolt 360 is next level health and performance.”

Using The Evolt 360 Daily

Used on a daily basis at QTIME FITNESS, the Evolt 360 body scanning machine plays a strong role within the business’s core set of values.

With the Evolt 360 providing more than 40 measurements of the body, it’s no wonder QTIME FITNESSES utilizes it as much as possible. Linked to the Evolt Active app, clients can simply step on the scanner for 30 seconds, and quickly and easily access a full body composition report with all their metrics.

Together with macronutrient calorie intake and supplement suggestions, the Evolt 360 is the perfect partner to keep track of goals and stay on top of progress. From protein content and visceral fat numbers to lean body and skeletal muscle mass, QTIME FITNESS certified staff have the capability to provide a full interpretation of results and work with their clients to form an individualized program.

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