Danielle Petze was always dedicated to her fitness routine, but the COVID shutdowns in 2020 and 2021 posed a challenge to her active lifestyle. In an effort to prioritize her health, she joined a virtual training program with a group of friends to stay motivated. As the program came to a close, Danielle’s friends suggested that she take part in a body building competition, and she decided to take on the challenge. The journey towards the competition brought about a remarkable transformation, and the results are truly inspiring. Just wait until you see the incredible changes in her body!

Starting The Body Building Journey

With enthusiasm, Danielle embraced the challenge and returned to her local gym to resume her training. She began dedicating time to her fitness routine and focusing on improving her body composition through the new challenge of body building.

Her workout regimen consisted of both strength and cardiovascular training, with each given equal time. She would do strength training for six days a week and cardio for seven. Additionally, she started tracking her food intake using a calorie tracker app and incorporating True Nutrition supplements into her diet.

“I’m sponsored by True Nutrition, and I absolutely love the brand!” Danielle says.

“I’ve had other sponsors in the past, but this is by far my favourite. The macros and ingredients are superior to anything I’ve ever used.”

Using The Evolt 360 To Keep On Track

Having used intelligent body scanners before, it wasn’t until mid-January 2023 that Danielle had used an Evolt 360 to get a whole new level of body composition analysis.

“The ability to see the results and changes for each scan is my favorite part of the Evolt and the Evolt Active app,” she says.

“I’ve used other body scan equipment in the past, but it’s hard to keep track of all the paperwork. The app for the Evolt is great! I plan on continuing to do scans every month and then leading up to the next bodybuilding competition, every week so it will be really good to see all the changes.”

“It’s so important to use a body scan machine like the Evolt. I’m also a CPT, and the biggest complaint I hear from female clients is the number on their at-home scales. I have to explain to them the difference in density of fat versus muscle, and it’s really been a struggle to break the programming that women should be a certain weight.”

“I’m over 160lbs, but I have visible abs and wear Size 2 pants. Weight does not matter – body composition does.”

Not just a scale that measures body fat, the Evolt 360 has given Danielle insights into over 40 measurements in preparation for her bodybuilding competitions, including subcutaneous fat mass, visceral fat mass, total body fat percentage, total body water, skeletal muscle mass, protein and mineral levels.

Straight From Danielle

With Danielle’s experience in bodybuilding and knowing what it’s like to see the importance of more than just numbers of weight on a bathroom scale, she encourages everyone else to seek out an Evolt for true measurements.

“Get off the scale and onto an Evolt 360!” she says.

“Especially for women. Our hormonal changes are a huge contributor to water weight. A high-sodium or high-carb meal at night can add a few pounds as well. Without a scan, it’s difficult to tell the difference between water weight and fat.”

To learn more about your body and for personalized macronutrient and supplement recommendations Download the Evolt Active app and search for your nearest Evolt 360 Body Composition Scan location.

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