If you had to guess which machine in an Anytime Fitness club is the most important one for making healthy happen, what would you suggest? The leg press? The lat pulldown machine?

All good guesses, but you might be surprised to hear that our favorite tool for making healthy happen isn’t a workout machine: it’s an Evolt 360 scanner!

The Evolt 360 doesn’t help you break a sweat, but it does provide comprehensive health data that can guide you in making decisions about your workouts and your overall health. With a short and simple full-body scan, it gives you more information about your body than a scale ever could. That’s because the Evolt machine doesn’t just measure weight or BMI – it uses over 40 measurements to provide detailed information about what makes up your body, not just how much it weighs. With the Evolt, you can determine the difference between muscle mass, fat mass, water and mineral mass. In addition to tracking body composition, the Evolt also provides macronutrient and supplement recommendations that fit your lifestyle and health goals!

If you’re in the gym every week but not seeing results on the scale, you might want to try switching to Evolt scans. Weight isn’t always the best indicator of progress (in fact, it hardly ever is!), as you might be losing fat but gaining muscle, which weighs more, in its place.

As the owner of Anytime Fitness Falmouth, MA said, “It’s a wonderful tool for our members who don’t see the change for themselves but have the proof they worked so hard and succeeded right there!”

Two members of the Falmouth club, Jen and Adrian, took part in a six-week Evolt challenge. They completed three scans over those six weeks: at the beginning, middle, and end of the challenge. During the challenge, they met with an Anytime Fitness personal trainer three times a week. They also worked with a nutritionist to create a meal plan, which was based off Evolt recommendations. The Evolt scan played a key role in creating a meal plan that met their personalized macronutrient intake recommendations, which were adjusted after each scan. They also had a recipe guidebook and list of food substitutions that they could reference for making healthy choices. And to make the most of all that guidance, accountability check-ins were scheduled daily to make sure they were keeping with the program.

As the challenge continued, both women were excited to see the weight coming off, their carbohydrate intake decreasing and protein intake increasing.

“Their Evolt scans kept them enthusiastic and excited to keep going, especially on those days it felt challenging,” said Falmouth’s owner. As they moved closer to their goals, the Evolt helped provide self-motivation along the way, and confirmation of amazing results at the end!

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Article republished from Anytime Fitness  website