Exciting news! We’re soon to release our new & improved Evolt Insights dashboard with the addition of a number of groundbreaking reports.

With over 40 data points collected from each and every scan, you will be able to access a wealth of information at your finger tips. See at a glance member uptake, re-scan rate and benchmark your performance against the industry standard. View your individual member scan history and harness the power in the data to keep members engaged in their fitness regime. Give your instructors specific insights to individualise members workouts and offer smarter training options.

Comparison Report 
The new Comparison Report gives even greater control to the business owner, enabling them to compare months and years to gauge change and progression of the business over time.

Retention Report 

See at a glance the number of members who are at risk of leaving your facility. Drill down further to see the scan data and trends at an individual level. Are they going backwards with their training? Use this data to tailor specific programs, challenges and messaging to re-engage and re-invigorate these members

Features include:

  • A downloadable list of members who haven’t scanned within 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks within a specified date range.
  • An online, downloadable report showing the members who have regressed within a date range (ie. gained total body fat, visceral fat and lost muscle mass).  This can be a report much like the challenge leader board looks in a filtered format as currently seen on the existing dashboard.

Progression Report 

Identify individuals who are achieving their goals (i.e total body fat loss, visceral fat reduction, muscle mass gains) and use their success stories to engage & motivate your whole member base. This report allows you to celebrate every success story rather than just concentrating on a minority. Download this report for easy use.

Evolt Insights Dashboard

Member Scan Frequency Report

Discover how often your members scan through the “Member Scan Frequency” report. Download the report in a handy excel format, showing a scan count against the member’s name and email address.  This provides the Business Owner the perfect opportunity to reach out to those members who many have only scanned once or twice.

Location Scan Frequency Report

See a snapshot overview of each location scan numbers for those business owners with multiple locations. The Excel Report shows a breakdown of the number of scans per location per month since first scan.

The new Evolt Insights dashboard reports will be released in Q2 2021

For information on the Evolt Ecosystem including the Evolt 360 Body Composition Scanner, Evolt Active App and Evolt Insights Dashboard contact us