Evolt To Attend Health & Fitness Events Across the World

Evolt is heading your way! We’ll be featuring the Evolt 360 at numerous health and fitness events this year across the USA, New Zealand and Australia, so come down, say hi, and learn more about how we can better support your business and help you through the pandemic.

Since 2015, Evolt has been connecting health and fitness business owners with digital health advancements by developing the most unique end-to-end solution tool that tracks detailed changes in body composition – the Evolt 360 body scanner.

Turning information into inspiration, Evolt has been supporting the health and fitness industry by helping make positive changes to the way people see progress with their mental health and physical well-being. By offering a quick and harmless way of actually seeing the numbers of more than 40 bodily measurements by way of the Evolt 360, owners of gyms, health clubs, fitness facilities and even corporate enterprises have seen customer engagement and motivation increase as well as the generation of a  second-stream income.

Evolt Helping Keep Your Business Grow from Strength to Strength.

Since mid-March 2020 though, we’ve seen the impact of COVID-19 hit particularly hard on the health and fitness industry with the closure of numerous gyms, multiple financial losses and a magnitude of job cuts. It’s a mental struggle following constant mandates and restrictions from government authorities, especially when all you want to do is keep your doors open and offer members the healthy lifestyle they are looking for.

We know members want to support their local gyms and clubs through these troubling times and Evolt is also here to help keep your business – our industry – going from strength to strength.

At Evolt, we provide opportunities to nurture the relationships you have with your clientele through an extended service offering – the Evolt 360 and its Evolt Suite of services (the Evolt Insights software platform and the Evolt Active app) where you can encourage, motivate and engage existing members as well as bring in new clients and former ones.

With an Evolt 360 body composition analyser at your facility, you’ll be taking those relationships to the next level. By getting rid of the traditional measuring devices like body fat calipers and measuring tape, you’ll be moving from baseline assessments to high-tech, hyper-personalised health appraisals featuring over 40 measurements.

Get your Customers Back into your Business

But along with the loyal clients, there are also those who have made adjustments to working out at home, or not working out at all and losing motivation because of lockdowns and restrictions. Offering an Evolt 360 body scan for membership renewals, within an 8-week challenge or as part of a personal training package, will register interest for them to be curious enough to potentially come back and get started on a health journey with you.

There’s no better time than now to take a personal look at an Evolt 360 body composition analyser and talk to one of our specialised consultants about the benefits of having one at your facility.

Health and Fitness Events

Evolt on the Global Stage for 2021 / 2022

And we’re heading your way! We’ll be featuring the Evolt 360 at the below health and fitness events this year across the USA and Australia, so come down, say hi, and learn more about how we can better support your business and help you through the pandemic.


USA 2021-22
IHRSA13-15 October 2021Dallas, TX
Doing Business with YMCA4-6 October 2021San Diego, CA
YMCA-FISA EAST15-17 November 2021Miami, FL
Anytime Fitness Conference4-6 November 2021Dallas, TX
Anytime Fitness Australia Conference12-14 November 2021Sydney, NSW
FILEX Business Summit26-27 May 2022Sydney (Hilton), NSW

Evolt hope to support many other national and international events in 2022 including Frits (the Fitness Recreation Industry Technology Summit), ChinaFit, Sportec, UKactive: Sweat, FitSummit and many more! See you there!

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