Mark Robinson Talks Nutrition

Everyone suffers from sugar cravings. Our cravings stem from simply not enough protein and vegetables in a day. Our body has a set point of protein it requires per day and until we hit that point we constantly crave. Invariably the first thing we crave is something sweet.

So what can you do to stave off those cravings?  Follow these four primary tips to get on top of your cravings:

STEP 1:  Consider the TIMING of your meals; start the day with a breakfast that is NOT sugary and then aim to eat every three to four hours including protein and vegetables with each meal and snack. We usually see weight gain from incorrect timing because our metabolism slows down and we start to store food as a safety mechanism to have a ‘reserve’ knowing a ‘famine’ is ahead.  Fasting for numerous hours can lead to you becoming over-hungry and then of course craving easy, convenient, unhealthy options!

STEP 2: TYPE of intake; Protein is the prioritized Macronutrient to prevent and treat sugar cravings, thereafter choose natural, high fiber carbohydrates that provide long-lasting energy and stable moods, for example, Low GI rather than fast releasing high GI sugary carbs.

STEP 3: VEGETABLES; are the other key tactic due to their low-calorie content and high activation of digestive enzymes that increase metabolism.

Aim to freely include a variety of predominantly green vegetables throughout the day to counter sugar cravings and maintain low blood sugar levels, satisfy our cravings and still maintain calorie control.

STEP 4:  SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT; it’s hard to stay strict when you are constantly surrounded by temptations. Eat before going out so you can feel satisfied first and then just join in by snacking on something small.

Mark Robinson (Healthman Mark) is an Accredited Dietitian with a Masters Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and Bachelor Degrees in Exercise Science & Psychological Science as well as being a Fitness Model World Champion.

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