The Evolt Active App is the ultimate Health & Wellness App for people who are serious about reaching their goals. With the unique capture of bio-feedback from the Evolt 360, the Evolt Active App is able to provide detailed and individualized assistance based on the user’s goals.

Evolt’s mission is to help everyday people become healthier and through the Evolt 360 body composition scanner and Evolt Active app, people now have the opportunity to learn even more about what’s behind the weight and what it all means.

The new features announced this month will help users stay motivated, track their progress more effectively and highlight their obesity risk level. Read on to find out more.

Expanded Nutritional Options to Cover Keto & Low Carb Preferences

For people who prefer a Ketogenic or Low Carbohydrate approach to nutrition two new macronutrient categories, Ketogenic and Low Carbohydrate, have been added to the Nutrition/Goal section allowing a specific set of macronutrient calculations for these two nutrition protocols.
👉 This option can be found at the end of the nutrition questionnaire on the Evolt Active App

This new feature will allow even more users to follow the macronutrient recommendations based on their diet regime.

Exciting NEW Features to Transform your Challenges

Running Challenges has never been easier with the new in-app challenge feature. Using a unique Activation Code, users can now easily enter a challenge via the App. Other new & improved challenge features include;

👉 Send push notifications to the app to remind your participants to re-scan at various intervals selected by you as part of your challenge.

👉 Users can see how well they are progressing by clicking on the challenges section of the app to view their main metrics as well as progress charts.

👉 Expanded tutorials and information have been added to the challenges section of the app to help your clients understand appropriate scanning conditions as well as how to understand their results.

👉 Points can now be allocated by the Gym/location owner for loss of body fat, an increase of muscle mass, etc. for a challenge.

👉 Users can now track their points within the app as well as see the total collated results from their particular location.

👉 Users now have the option to hide their completed challenges.

Obesity Risk Rating Accessible Via the App

This new feature allows users to assess their potential obesity risk via their waist measurement.

👉  The Risk Rating offers a tracking platform to assess changes over time.
👉  This feature is separate from the Evolt 360 body scanner – no need to access a machine to measure.
👉  The Risk Rating offers a tracking platform to assess changes over time.  

This feature is separate from the Evolt 360 body scanner for users who cannot access a machine.

For more information on the new Evolt Active App features  Download the Evolt Active app here.

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