Factual Information about accuracy the Evolt 360 and BIA technology

The accuracy of any body composition relates back to how the technology is built and what validation it has been through within reliability studies.  The accuracy of the Evolt 360 is verified by the many publications in the scientific literature that relate to BIA technology.

When it comes to factual Information about accuracy of BIA technology, all forms of BIA have been established as being identical in terms of the method of operation and the utilization of impedance measures that incorporate an alternate electrical frequency to determine body composition, despite marketing collateral of competitors that suggests otherwise.

Similarly, whilst our competitors provide research papers in which their devices have been used as part of the methodology of data collection, those studies do not constitute peer-reviewed substantiation of the validity or reliability of those devices.  Rather, there is an implied reliability that our competitors refer to as demonstrating the features of their devices, which is very clever marketing, but devoid of substantiated scientific support.

BIA and an alternating current passed through the body is identical regardless of the manufacturer however the algorithms used by different companies is where the variability exists.  The accuracy of the Evolt 360 data analysis methodology that incorporates a 5-point algorithm has been developed based 100% on evidence-based data presented in the research.

Some of our competitors, use a 3-point algorithm that ignores age and gender (with default male and age settings that override what the individual enters into the system) which have repeatedly been substantiated in the literature as key components to the accurate determination of body composition in all demographics.  So, the aggressive marketing of some competitors, in fact, highlights a major flaw in their system that categorically demonstrates a high degree of questionability regarding their results.

So, there is no negation of the key point of difference in the Evolt 360 in comparison to other BIA manufacturers, rather, the accuracy of the Evolt 360 stands on a platform of substantiated scientific methodology that is consistent with all current evidence-based practice.

In terms of factual Information about accuracy of BIA technology, the science behind BIA is well researched and validated in peer-reviewed published literature, the most notable being –

The accuracy of Evolt 360’s technology is always an important question that can be verified by the literature.