Evolt launches new mobile app for easy access to health, wellness goals

A revolutionary app to track your fitness, at your fingertips

Technology-driven health and wellness company Evolt today announced the launch of its new app for iOS and Android mobile devices, catering for users of its revolutionary Evolt 360 body scanner.

In an industry first, the Evolt Active App provides easy access for body scan users to their personalized body composition information, which includes a full analysis of muscle and fat percentages as well as nutritional recommendations for optimal health and fitness results.

Evolt chief executive Ed Zouroudis said the Evolt Active App goes beyond the hardcopy print-out body scan users receive following their results and allows for more detailed information right at their fingertips.

“For instant results regarding body composition, activity tracking and more, our new app is incredibly user-friendly, and of premium quality, so you can be sure to get the best out of your health and fitness goals right in the palm of your hand,” he said.

“Rather than receive just a printout of your 360 body scanner results, those details can now be input into your personalized account in the app where you have instant access to easy-to-understand progress charts and graphs, segmental body breakdowns, and your individual BWI score.

“We are excited to be offering the groundbreaking, individualized calorie & macronutrient breakdown based on scan metrics, goal, body type, activity level, and activity type, providing assistance beyond the industry standard of 1200 calories in a weight loss scenario.

Even more exciting is the ability to track the progress from your most recent scan, all in one place, so you can make the comparisons on how well you’ve been improving; our new, innovative app does wonders to keep body scan users motivated and goal-focused.”

As well as body composition information, the Evolt Active App provides even more with its user’s given exclusive offers, access to an abundance of online health and fitness articles, information on how to conduct DNA testing, and questionnaires for overall improvement.

Created by Evolt’s in-house digital team, it has taken a total of 12 months from concept to launch for the app to be perfected and suited for all its users.

For more information visit evolt360.com


Kylie Zimmerle

Research & Development Evolt



EVOLT is a technology-driven health and wellness company that is powering connected and digital health. EVOLT has developed an end-to-end solution that tracks detailed changes in the quality of activity, body composition, nutrition and overall health that can be shared in gamified social environments. EVOLT is empowering and educating consumers of all ages to improve the quality of their lives by making positive behavioural lifestyle choices to achieve their goals.