How To Get (and Keep) That Summer Body

It’s Not Too Late to Get a Summer Body

The word has gotten out that you’re thinking about squeezing into that bathing suit and heading to the pool or down to the beach.

For many of us that “pool ready” process may have started months earlier when we began our summer diets, but don’t tell your fat cells because they may have other plans.

Just as you have a strategy to rid yourself of all that excess jiggle around the middle they too have a plan to maintain the status quo. In the past you may have created quite the comfortable little environment for them, all the high calorie food they want, very little exercise and short hours. Who wouldn’t fight to keep that kind of a job?

Losing Fat Doesn’t Have to be a Hopeless Battle

Different percentages of muscle, bone, water and fat determine our unique body type and influence your ability to manage your weight. So, is it a hopeless battle? Absolutely not, but you may have to wreak havoc on your fat cells to get them to listen.

We all have a daily requirement of calories (basal metabolic rate) to maintain proper body functions. It varies with age, activity level, muscle mass, weight, and gender.

Let’s say your number is 2000 calories a day.  If we were to alter that value by 500 calories the body would be forced to either get along with less or alternatively it could access the family vault where we keep all those fat calories.

Unlock your Fat Vault

Fat has a lot of energy to give up but you have to know how to ask it correctly. Some of us have those fat vaults around the middle or on the back of the arms but we definitely have them. As you get older it becomes more difficult to lose those bulges because you may have forgotten the combination to the vault.

So, the challenge is how do you alter that number?  If the caloric restriction is too great the fat cells say, “We’re not going to give up our fat calories because it looks like there is a famine going on and we don’t know when we are going to get fed again”.

This essentially means they won’t give off fat into the blood supply as an energy source the way they are meant to. It really is a self-preservation mode that scientists speculate goes all the way back to our primitive caveman ancestors. They needed to be nourished enough to sustain themselves between successful hunts, which could be weeks apart.

Summer Body

How to Trick your Fat Cells

We haven’t really evolved all that much because our body still wants to keep us fat even though our modern day hunt for food may only be hours apart and as close as the fridge.

So here’s the trick, and it’s really more of a fake out, don’t reduce your daily caloric intake too drastically to begin with. You have to fool the fat cells into thinking everything is okay. You want them to keep giving up your fat cell energy to all those fun activities that you’re now going to start doing in the waves, in the pool or playing with your kids.

It is not surprising that most diets that are too extreme in the early stages are destined to failure. Imagine the shock your body goes through when it’s comfortable 3000 calories a day intake is cut to 1500 calories or less.

How to Track Your Fat Loss

There will be some initial weight loss but as your fat cells start to get really good at hoarding calories to prepare for the famine. The weight, when you eventually return to normal eating, will come back on.

Sometimes even some additional weight may also be deposited, this is your body’s way of saying, “don’t mess with us again or we’ll make you even fatter”.

Enjoy the beach the pool or whatever your summer thing is and remember you have options when it comes to using science to track your weight and fat loss progress.

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