For the mums and dads who want to stay healthy, and for those who haven’t always felt comfortable in a traditional gym environment, Listen To Your Body in Strathmore, Vic (Australia) focuses on small group training to improve health and fitness. And with traditional measuring methods slowly making their way obsolete, the club has now given all its clients the high-tech advantage with their very own Evolt 360.

From humble beginnings, original LTYB founder Ben Fletcher has grown the brand into 14 studios across Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia. The Strathmore club opened its doors in 2008 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Choosing The Most Reliable Body Scanner

LTYB Strathmore owner and personal trainer Andrew Frazer said he chose to invest in an Evolt 360 and offer its services to members because it was the most reliable of all similar devices on the market.

“When researching and investigating body scanners, the Evolt team were trustworthy and we’ve always found Evolt to be contactable and eager to trouble shoot any issues,” he said.

“The Evolt 360 itself is also really easy to use.”

Mainly used for retention, any new member who joins LTYB Strathmore is provided with a complimentary body scan, but Andrew has discovered that approximately half of his members continue to scan themselves on an ongoing basis.

He said the initial body scan for incoming members sets a baseline for them and demonstrates the functionality of the machine.

“They then have the option to purchase follow up scans to track their progress,” he said.

“Here at LTYB Strathmore, we even teach members to do the scan themselves, and our personal trainers focus on the follow up chat which includes goal setting and programs.”


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‘Our Favourite Features’

With so many units of measurement available on an Evolt 360, it can be hard for gyms and wellness centres to pick a favourite feature on the machine. But for Andrew at LTYB Strathmore, the nutrition assistance is a clear winner.

“The macronutrients section is a huge winner for our members,” he said.

“It’s one thing to track weight progress, but the guidelines for fats, carbohydrates and proteins that an individual should be consuming gives them a massive advantage over members who don’t have that kind of access.”

Together with the Evolt 360 body scanner, the partnering Evolt Active app for smartphones allows users to see recommended daily percentage intakes of macronutrients to assist with proper nutrition in a bid to get optimum physical results.

Spreading The Love

To give as many people as possible the Evolt 360 leverage, Andrew said LTYB Strathmore hires the body scanner out to the other LTYB studios and gyms locally to not only provide members with visual results and updates on progress, but drive sales for each club.

“It’s been such a tough two years for gyms in Victoria, so any help we can give to others in the industry and help them survive through lockdowns and whatnot is also very rewarding,” he said.

LTYB Strathmore head personal trainer Chris Muratore said he couldn’t imagine the studio without an Evolt 360 anymore.

“Without the Evolt 360, it’s like we’re flying blind,” he explained.

“Monthly body scan updates give members motivation to train consistently well and are an important tool for me to monitor where I’m doing my job properly for them.”

Listen, Learn And Connect

For anyone interested in getting more information about LTYB Strathmore, the studio is contactable via email at as well as on the socials. Head to Facebook and search Listen To Your Body Strathmore, or visit them on their Instagram handle (@listentoyourbody.strathmore).

To learn more about your body and for personalized macronutrient and supplement recommendations  Download the Evolt Active app and search for your nearest Evolt 360 Body Composition Scan location.

For more information about purchasing an Evolt 360 for your business visit or request an information pack below.