How you can support your clients to achieve the results they expect.

We’ve all been there… starting out on our new health journey, determined to finally lose that excess fat or gain those extra pounds of muscle only to find that our increased efforts aren’t achieving the desired results.

Education is often the missing link and as health professionals we are often the catalyst that helps propel customers onto a healthier lifestyle journey. After all, it takes a village to make healthy happen.

So what should you look out for if your customers are not getting the results they expect?

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Not Tracking Results: 

Tracking results (through the Evolt 360 scanner & Evolt Active App) helps them stay focused on reaching their goals. It also allows you to keep track of their progress and make adjustments to their nutrition/training programs based on the results. “It’s the same as trying to find a destination without a GPS, tracking helps you to understand the path you need to follow for progression to occur”.

Achieve Results

Poor Sleep:

Sleep is the time when growth hormone (contributes to muscle repair and growth) levels in the body are at their highest. Not getting enough sleep can affect exercise performance, energy levels and increase individuals’ risk of injury. Not getting enough sleep means that it’s highly unlikely your customer’s body is recovering from their workouts.

Achieve Results

Measuring/weighing food properly:

You can’t out-train a bad diet.” says Evolt’s Performance & Education Specialist Josh Wrigley. Just like a car if we don’t know what fuel we are putting into our body we don’t know how far we are going to go. If someone is serious about changing their body composition they have to be measuring/weighing their food. Nutrition is the first question asked when looking at a follow-up scan, if someone has a massive fluctuation between scans we need to know what they have been eating in order to make changes. If someone knows what calories they have been eating (following the Macronutrient recommendations in their Evolt app) it is easier to make adjustments. However, if they haven’t been tracking their food, scan results will always fluctuate and it makes it extremely difficult to reach their goals.

In order to gain muscle, your customer must be in a caloric surplus (eat more than what they burn in a day). If their goal is to lose body fat they need to be in a caloric deficit (burn more than what they eat). However during fat loss, if they are not eating enough protein/calories their body will start to lose skeletal muscle. The most important part of fat loss should be preserving skeletal muscle and ensuring they are hitting their protein requirements.

Achieve Results

Not training with enough intensity and following a progressive program: 

If your customer is trying to change body composition or improve performance it is important to gradually add more work and intensity week by week. When the body is challenged beyond previous capacities it is known as “progressive overload”. There should be a systematic approach to training where progress is recorded and built on every week by changing things such as; repetitions, decreasing rest periods, tempo etc.

If their training intensity drops in the gym it can be due to a number of factors such as; not eating enough calories, overtraining/not getting enough rest, training without specificity (exercises not relatable to goals), or not following a progressive program.

Overtraining/not getting enough rest/recovery:

Rest days allow the muscles to recover, repair and adapt to become stronger and for the nervous system to regenerate. This reduces muscle fatigue and replenishes energy stores (glycogen). Adequate rest also reduces injury risk.

Overtraining puts repetitive stress and strain on the body. Often you will find people who are overtraining will have increased fatigue and an eventual reduction in performance/energy levels. This is extremely common in challenges when people increase the number of sessions per day/intensity and reduce their calories. This is where fatigue kicks in and they will lose skeletal muscle.

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