INTRAFlow Increases Member Value with the Evolt 360

INTRAFlow is a unique health and fitness facility, offering clients a combination of Strength and HIIT alongside traditional Yoga and Pilates.
Wanting to make sure its members can get the best out of their workouts, INTRAFlow made the decision to partner with Evolt and introduce a brand new Evolt 360 body scanning machine so clients could stay up to date with health progress and remain accountable.


First opening its doors in December 2019, INTRAFlow’s gym is split into two levels – the ground floor is a fully equipped training arena full of machines and free weights, whilst the second floor lays claim to the center’s private studio. This way, members have full access to both styles of training in one convenient location without any compromise for how each respective training environment feels.
It’s a ‘Movement Meets Mindfulness’ space and works to complement training on both sides of the spectrum.

Working Together with Evolt

Prior to getting an Evolt 360 on site, INTRAFlow clients would have to check in with their individual trainers outside of session times to record measurements, skin folds and scale weight.
According to INTRAFlow director Anthony Gilson, it wasn’t a beneficial method for either party.
“Not only was this far more time consuming, but it also didn’t provide anywhere near the level of data we can now access in under 5 minutes with a single composition scan,” he says.
“We began to search for new equipment to help promote our members to track their progress with greater accessibility, which led us to a range of body scan providers”.
“After further study, we came to the decision that the Evolt 360 offered the most applicable data for our clientele, with the added incorporation of macronutrient guidelines based on each individual.”

member value

Members Benefit with The Evolt 360 At INTRAFlow

The Evolt 360 body scanner is accessible for members to purchase a scan anytime throughout gym operating hours, creating INTRAFlow its own passive income while staff may be otherwise busy.
And whilst it’s become a real value to staff and trainers, it’s also become a major value to members – maintaining motivational levels amongst existing clients, keeping their attendance more frequent, and ultimately improving member retention long term.
Trainers have really seen how much worth the Evolt 360 has for clientele, including head trainer Mimi Frieser who says the body scanner has helped her clients immensely throughout their health and fitness journey.
“The scanner has been a fantastic asset for my clients,” she says.
“It really goes to show them that all their efforts in the gym are paying off, as well as providing a great guideline for how they should be handling their caloric intake to continue to reach small targets we set together.”

Get In Touch with INTRAFlow

For more information on booking in for a body scan with the Evolt 360 at INTRAFlow, or to inquire about joining the facility, contact the team by visiting their Instagram handle @intra.flow or messaging via their Facebook page @INTRAFlow.

To learn more about your body and for personalized macronutrient and supplement recommendations  Download the Evolt Active app and search for your nearest Evolt 360 Body Composition Scan location.

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