What Measurements Does an Evolt 360 Scan Provide?

Did you know that a whopping 1.9 billion adults are overweight? With the impact of the lockdowns of the past few years and closure of health centers, people have become more sedentary and less motivated to engage in any physical activity.  Recent studies have shown that one of the biggest risk factors for the severity of covid symptoms and hospitalization is obesity.

People are now more aware than ever that they need to take charge of their own health and that includes losing weight for many of the population. The issue for most people is knowing where to start in their fat loss journey.

A recent study published in 2021 by the International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being showed that people who were successful in sustaining fat loss, continuously monitored and set goals.  This recent evidence supports the very reason why it is important that your clients know their internal measurements to give them a baseline and allow you & them to track their progress together with the goal setting.

The Evolt 360 body scanner can help your client to find out what their starting measurements are, allow you to set goals together and provide them with some extra assistance to help them towards their goal.  This is the foundation of success when it comes to them reaching their fat loss goals.

But first, a reminder of what an Evolt 360 does…

The Evolt 360 body scanner is a body composition analyzer that provides you with detailed information about your client’s internal body measurements. In just 60 seconds, the Evolt 360 body scanner will provide more than 40 measurements with simple explanations around what those metrics mean.

The Evolt 360 body scanner is a medical device that uses frequencies to measure internal tissue. It is completely safe, non invasive and doesn’t require your client to take off any clothing.

The frequency measurements can differentiate different parts of your client’s internal tissue such as fat mass, muscle mass, total body water as well as identify muscular balance. Being able to determine the difference between fat mass and muscle mass is a really important part of the fat loss equation.

With an Evolt 360 body scan, you are able to gain much more valuable information about your clients body than an antiquated BMI measurement that cannot tell you how much of their body weight is attributed to muscle mass rather than fat mass. The Evolt 360 body scan allows personal trainers and health and wellness experts to provide their clients with more meaningful and individualized advice.

Evolt 360 measurements

Evolt 360’s Bio Wellness Index

The Evolt 360 body scan has a unique overall scoring system called the Bio Wellness Index (BWI). This index provides a more meaningful score based on the amount of lean body tissue your client has compared with visceral fat mass (surrounding internal organs) and total fat.  This score is proprietary to Evolt and used successfully to measure overall health rather than a BMI score which is just a calculation of height over weight.

The value of using the BWI score is being able to measure your client’s progress by looking at one score. If the BWI score increases then immediately you can be assured that they have lost body fat rather than important lean body tissue.

Understanding Evolt 360 Measurements

Assessing your client’s lean body mass compared with their fat mass is an important feature of the Evolt 360 body scanner. Skeletal muscle mass is a big part of their lean body mass and is important to assist with improvement of basal metabolic rate, provide protection from knocks and falls, increases bone density and stability as well as protects us in terms of recovery from general illnesses.

The Evolt 360 body scanner is also able to provide you with a breakdown of your clients total body fat.  High amounts of visceral fat is detrimental and caused by poor diet, high alcohol consumption, high stress levels and poor sleep patterns. If left unchecked, high visceral fat can lead to lifestyle-related diseases such as Diabetes and other obesity related illnesses. The Evolt 360 body scanner is one of the few ways you can determine how much visceral fat your client has without having to undergo an MRI or other invasive test.

Subcutaneous fat is the pinchable, visible fat that you can see in the mirror. Whilst not as detrimental as high visceral fat, too much subcutaneous fat is also linked to lifestyle related diseases.

Knowing which percentage of each your client has in their body will make it easier for an individualized approach to reducing their total body fat and allows Personal Trainers and other healthcare professionals deeper insights into your clients circumstances.

Using the Evolt 360 Report

Okay, so you’ve got your clients Evolt 360 report in your hands and it’s packed with data. What do you do with it all?

The good news is that you don’t have to get creative here at all. The Evolt Active app provides you and your client with everything you need to start putting the data to good use.

The Evolt Active App allows your client to select their own personal goals as well as obtain other important individual information about them such as their body type, activity level, the type of activity they perform as well as some lifestyle questions. From all of this information, the Evolt Active App can provide them with some guidance around how many daily calories they need as well as the breakdown of how much protein, carbohydrates and fats they need to meet their goal. The Evolt 360 body scanner is the only device that provides this goal setting information via the Evolt Active app.

In addition, the report outlines different supplementation ideas or suggestions based around your clients goal and individual circumstances. It will provide them with information on what supplements they might want to consider taking to reach their goals in conjunction with advice from their own healthcare provider.

Now you’re ready to start scanning all of your clients with an Evolt 360 body scan and take further steps to help your clients take control of their health and become a healthier version of themselves.

Lastly, your clients expect to pay somewhere between $20 and $50 for their scan. That makes it an affordable scan for them to conduct every few months, allowing them to hone in on their fitness goals.

Get Started With the Evolt 360 Body Scanner

The measurements that Evolt 360 takes can be game-changing for anyone who is serious about their health. And since the scan provides so many important measurements, you’ll have all the tools you need to help your client achieve their body composition goals!

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