When you’re comfortable with everything happening in life, it can be easy to become overweight by falling into bad habits – especially when you don’t realize they’re bad habits, because they’re just part of everyday living and become what’s normal.

Jay Sinclair was living comfortably. A mine worker, he worked away for half of the year, with most days consisting of extraordinarily oversized camp breakfasts and copious amounts of food during breaks and lunch. Even more of an attraction was the fact it was all free for Jay, but that wasn’t even the half of it.

“In the evenings, you could drink the maximum amount of beers – approximately 10 to 12 – and then make your way to the mess hall to get dinner before it closed, then eating ice cream on your way back to your room and going to sleep,” he revealed.

“I was overweight and wanted to do something about it so I thought either the lap band or try old school exercise.”

“Exercise it was.”


Jays Results Sheet Overweight

Taking That First Step

Jay’s wife signed him up to a 5-week challenge at ETS Compound in Rockhampton, a functional training gym with different high-intensity classes which go for around 40 minutes. He also had a food program catered specifically for him.

At the start of the challenge, he stepped on an Evolt 360, and was blown away with the intricacies of how it all worked.

“Before the challenge, I’d never undertaken a body scan before,” he said.

“Just getting an overall guide about my body was interesting. It’s quite unbelievable how it all works, especially the breakdown of all the muscles, the skeletal muscle mass, water components and the breakdown of fats.”

Jay had a strict diet he had to adhere to. Food consisted of everyday items but with a lot of variety such as different meats and vegetables, eggs, nuts and yogurts. His daily limit was about 1650 calories and he was encouraged to eat the same foods for 7 days and then change to the next foods the following week.

“I didn’t require any food apps during the challenge, but supplements I took included protein powders, BCAAs, ZMAs and pre-workouts,” he explained.

Together with the high-intensity classes, Jay started to see the results not only physically, but when he stepped on the Evolt 360 for a follow-up body scan.

Seeing What Lies Beneath

With all of Jay’s hard work being put to good use in the gym and with the right nutrition, Jay was thrilled when he saw his measurement numbers change after the challenge. His motivation remained high, and he was inspired to keep putting in the effort.

No wonder with these differences (19 September 2020 vs 6 March 2021)!

Weight (kg/lbs)137.2 kg102.4 kg
Visceral Fat Area (cm2)239.0 cm298.0 cm2
Visceral Fat Level17.010.0
Total Body Fat %36.7 %22.6 %
Lean Body Mass (kg/lbs)86.9 kg79.3 kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass (kg/lbs)47.5 kg44.0 kg
Protein (kg/lbs)16.6 kg16.3 kg
Bio Age5941

Evolt 360 Metrics Explained

Overweight Transformation

“Seeing how much those numbers were changing really inspired me to keep pushing myself to train harder,” he said.

“Trying to continue to beat my bio age was a challenge in itself, but seeing the visceral fats reducing was the best thing for me”.

“I didn’t even know what that was until it was explained to me after my first scan.”

Visceral fat isn’t visible, so what we don’t necessarily see means at times we don’t always know it’s there – or even what it is. The great news however is that high numbers of visceral fat areas and visceral fat levels can be prevented with a healthy, active, low-stress lifestyle – and Jay did exactly that.

He made a conscious decision to learn about the measurements and the numbers, and do the challenge in a strong bid to make a change.

A New Way Of Living

Today, Jay has lost over 35kgs and has a lot more energy to live life – playing with the children, messing around with the dogs, and chasing his Mrs around.

“It’s so much easier, as well as actually being fun to do,” he explained.

“The confidence that comes when you’re no longer overweight but feeling fit and healthy is absolutely outstanding, and being able to buy a wide variety of clothes, not just ones that fit is fantastic.”

Jay said when a resource tool like the Evolt 360 is used in health and fitness and supported by the strength of science, it’s hard to argue with the facts.

“When you know that the Evolt 360 is backed by real scientists, you know it’s the real deal,” he said.

“You can rest assured that the results shown are true, correct and factual, which is really important when training for specific events.”

“I tell myself daily ‘every great adventure starts with a single step’, and I tell it to others who are at the start of their journey. If you can only walk 10 meters today, that’s 10 meters more than you would have if you never tried.

“Who knows? That may one day lead into possibly running a marathon or just loving life again.”

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