Haze Fitness Can Take The Evolt 360 Anywhere

Haze Fitness is not just another personal training business. It’s a service that comes with an emotional background, and a story that many people can relate to… they have also recently partnered with Evolt to help clients with their progress and achievements, both at the gym and as a mobile scanning service.

Founder and owner of Haze Fitness, Hamza, says he was bullied throughout his teenage years because of his weight, and when he was 16 years old began a love of fitness which saw good health become a part of his life.

“Since then, I wanted to do more by becoming a personal trainer to help others achieve their own goals and dreams, and help them better understand,” he says.

Based at Plus Fitness Sefton in South Granville (NSW), Haze Fitness offers one-on-one personal training, semi-group training, classes, nutritional guidance and support, access to personalized training programs, and now…Evolt 360 body composition scans from where ever you are locally!

How Haze Fitness Partnered With Evolt

Before Hamza knew about the Evolt 360 body scanner, he would manually measure his clients by using a body fat caliper, digital scales, and Google sheets for tracking.

So how did Hamza go from traditional methods to high-technology scanning?

“For a while, I was really looking for a body composition company that was accurate, safe, reliable and easy to access. Other scanners were not as ‘smart’ or as up to date as the Evolt 360 – they would only use a 3-point algorithm compared to the Evolt’s 5-point,” he explains.

“I went through various company social media pages and people’s suggestions, but none of them sold me until I came across Evolt – the reviews, the comments, the feedback, and how easy they made it whilst still being the most accurate body scanner…it really caught my eye and I knew I had to go for it.”

The Personalized, Mobile Touch

Now that Hamza has his hands on an Evolt 360, he uses it to its full advantage; able to personalize his clients’ training and nutritional programs based on body scan readings, where ever he is.

“Whether their goals are for muscle gain, fat loss, or just overall better health…the reason why I chose to use the Evolt 360 in part of my service is to also prove the effectiveness of my PT programs and keep my clients on track for their results instantly through the Evolt Active app,” he says.

“This has helped my mobile scanning business a lot, in many ways, because the Evolt 360 machine is conventionally portable, easy to navigate, quick to set up, and scans in less than 60 seconds.

“Since advertising that I now do body scans and that I use the Evolt 360, I’ve had other gyms and companies requesting for me to come out and engage with their customers or clients to complete a body scan for them all!”

And The Revenue Just Keeps Getting Better

With Hamza having his own Evolt 360 and opening up to the world of mobile body scanning, it’s allowed him to upsell his packages and increase his weekly income.

“I’ve included scans in my personal training packages,” he explains.

“I also do promotions for scans, like 50% off, and provide all Plus Fitness members a 20% discount if they wish to do a scan. Doing this has helped spread the word to friends and family, which in return has driven more enquiries and bookings.

“The Evolt 360 is the exact opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Get More Info From Hamza

If you are interested in getting a body scan done or would like more information on personal training packages. Find him on Instagram with the handle @hazefitness.performance, email him at hamza@hfperformance.com.au or call him on 0401 461 804.

For more information about purchasing an Evolt 360 for your business visit www.evolt360.com/contact or request an information pack below. Further information on the Evolt 360 is also available here

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