Tips to Building Excitement for the Arrival of your Evolt.

Welcome to a new age of accountability where data drives buying decisions. With specialized bootcamps, fitness equipment,  and gyms of every description it’s important to be armed with research, social proof, and a plan moving forward that will inspire a higher level of confidence in your prospective customer.

With your new Evolt scanner you will soon have the tools to provide your members, employees or customers with a baseline assessment that tracks their body composition changes at a micro level. Lean muscle mass development, fat location (intracellular and visceral), water %, protein, mineral composition, and much more all collectively paint a picture of what lifestyle interventions are actually needed to make optimal changes.

Tip 1: Don’t be Afraid to Tell Everyone What’s Coming
You have an awesome tool soon to be at your fingers-tips that can literally be life changing to your clientele. Shout it out to them and let them know what’s coming. Social posts, on-site messages, press releases to your local newspaper – there are plenty of ways that you can get the message out. Check the marketing resources section of your Evolt Insights Portal for images, wording and promotional material you can use.

Tip 2: Engage your Members / Employees / Customers 
Everyone likes the chance to win valuable prizes – particularly when they are personal. Drum up excitement by running competitions to give away free scans. Why not make your loyal customers feel valued and offer their first scan for free!

Tip 3: Generate Additional Income for your Club

Your scanner can help you increase revenue for your club. Its only limitation is your imagination!

  • Package a series of scans up with Personal Training sessions or within the cost of a Challenge to build out that part of your business or even rent it out to outside freelance trainers as another income stream.
  • Advertise the Evolt 360 as a standalone service, offered to the public as a means of gaining leads and getting potential new members or customers into your business. It could even be an integral part of your membership or product offering with specialized classes, nutrition, and weight loss programs built around it.
  • Team up with a supplement partner (if you aren’t one) and onsell recommended supplements (Protein Isolate, Fat Burning Thermogenic Powders, Multi-Vitamins etc)

Tip 4: Let your Customers be your Biggest Advocates

Just imagine the 50-year-old who has just been told they have the body and metabolism of a 30-year-old. They feel and look better physically and mentally and they’re walking billboards for the Evolt 360 program…available at your business. They book additional product or packages, buy supplements, enroll in your specialized boot camps, and weight loss programs. They worked hard to get those results and they’re not looking back. Do you think they’re going to be your biggest advocate? Absolutely.

Encourage your members to share their successes. The best way is for them is to upload their scan photos and tag your business (and @evolt360) on their social posts and to also share them on your own.

Bio scans are a game-changer for the health and fitness industry. Given the health challenges facing the planet, it could be the silver bullet needed to boost your bottom line.