GOLD COAST DEC 2021: Evolt launches proprietary Nutrition Management System including ground breaking Bio-Wellness Index.

We’re not all the same and because of that we require personalized treatment. Every person has a unique body composition that influences our physical abilities and overall wellness. But when we go to the club or the gym, while amenities have come a long way, so much of the equipment, classes and way we work out today is generalized and generic for all members. We’re essentially all working out in the dark without much understanding of how our bodies are made it up or just how far we can push them for fitness results, as well as overall well-being. Until now, that is.

At Evolt we set out to innovate around the concept of body composition analysis and to create a modern, intelligent body analysis protocol and product that can provide users with a truer read of their individual muscle, fat and other body composition elements. More importantly we wanted to create one simple, new data-rich index that could help any user understand their wellness status and personalize workouts accordingly. The result of more than four years of research, development, data analysis and simple, fit-for-all product design resulted in the Evolt360 body composition analyzer – and our true innovation, the creation and introduction of a new standard of measurement into the fitness industry: the BWI (Bio Wellness Index).

While the decades old BMI measurement provides a generic measurement of body mass, using the Evolt360 body composition analyzer measures 40 different data points of each user in just 60 seconds to give a more detailed, personalized and actionable reading. The innovative BWI Index, extrapolates all data points to create a 1 in 10 metric unit score for each individual to quantify their current state and track fitness and overall wellness improvements over time. In this way members can easily understand their score and work either by themselves or with trainers to more accurately target nutrition plans and workout programs to create results. The Evolt 360 works by passing a safe, low grade and unnoticeable electrical current through a user’s hands and feet to provide a comprehensive, intelligent body composition reading every time.

What is the Bio-Wellness Index (BWI®)?

The Bio-Wellness Index (BWI®) score is a calculation based on the integrity of lean body mass versus total fat mass in order to provide a more purposeful number out of 10 as an overall measure of progress in the promotion of healthy lean body mass for longevity. The BWI was invented by and is proprietary to Evolt.

Significant research exists supporting the importance of maintaining lean body mass in a fat loss scenario such as –

  • Increased metabolism of lean muscle assists with reduction of obesity.
  • Increased muscle glycogen (carbohydrate) storing capacity for exercise.
  • Maintaining muscle over the lifespan can aid in reduction in obesity and weight gain as a result of aging (in presence of sarcopenia).
  • Improved ability to tolerate high stress environments.
  • Improved responses to critical illness and disease.
  • Decreased osteoporosis.
  • Improved bone density.
  • Improved independence and activities of daily living in older adults.
  • Decreased risk of falls in older adults.
  • Protection against injury from bumps and knocks.

The BWI® Score is about establishing the right composition of weight gained or lost and takes into account the age and gender of the individual in comparison to the World Health Organization standards. The purpose of the BWI® is to provide one simple metric as a measuring score of body composition health.

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