Better Health Takes Commitment

The day to day choices we make as individuals can severely influence whether we maintain vitality as we age or if we go down the path of poor health and debilitating conditions. And the best way we can go about making positive changes towards a long and happy life is by ensuring our customers are informed, educated and accountable about their health. 

Better health is about making lifestyle adjustments and changes to daily habits, and putting the knowledge gained into practice takes commitment and focus. It’s understandable that old habits die hard, but changing them is a process that involves several steps and in the end, the benefits far outweigh the risks. 

Knowledge is Power

Setting realistic and achievable goals is an important first step towards better health; having a clear goal in mind helps to stay motivated when challenges arise, defining an individual that they’re ready for change. 

Having the right resources and tools to measure progress within one’s health and wellness journey is just as important. We all know the old adage ‘knowledge is power’, and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to better health. Progress checks can motivate, inspire and help our customers catch any dwindling in the journey as well as make changes to individual physical and nutrition programs to make adjustments where needed. 

Put simply, by tracking incremental changes, we can ensure our customers stay on track to achieve their goals. 

Start the Journey Towards Better Health

One of the best ways for your customers to start a journey towards better health, learn about their bodies, keep track of progress and dramatically improve body composition is by setting a baseline with an Evolt 360 body scan. 

The accuracy of body measurements conducted by hand, leads way to human error and misinformation, however with today’s technology it has become easier than ever to ensure an individual can set realistic objectives such as building muscle, reducing biological age, decreasing visceral fat and increasing protein numbers. 

Setting this baseline at the start of a person’s journey to better health allows them to have a greater understanding of all these metrics and to begin visualising their starting point. Asking the question ‘where do I begin?’ turns into ‘let’s get started!’. 

Scientifically Backed Data Doesn’t Lie

The advantage in an Evolt 360 body scan is the knowledge – knowing as much as possible about the internal workings of the body and where one sits with their current health. It’s the greatest motivating factor possible, because scientifically-backed data doesn’t lie. 

The Evolt 360’s results report following a body scan opens up discussion with a number of different professionals on the reasons why results may be poor. From learning what an individual’s weaknesses are (high visceral fat or high total fat percentage) and what the best diet program could be (macronutrient profiling and protein intake) to checking in with fatigue levels and high stress (total energy expenditure figures), the results lay out a ‘road map’ on how to achieve goals from both a physical and nutritional perspective. 

Opening communication to personal trainers and coaches, nutritionists and dieticians, psychologists and vitamin/supplement experts is a great advantage. 

Standing on an Evolt 360 is the first step towards self-care, which in turn encourages healthy relationships with food and physical activities. Better health starts with identifying the need and the importance for self-care to allow for an individual to stay healthy, happy and resilient. 

Practicing self-care isn’t always easy, but access to an Evolt 360 body scanner will allow so many people to start implementing better health strategies into their daily routines to boost well-being not just today and tomorrow, but for the rest of their lives. 

For more information on the Evolt 360 Body Composition Tool or to book a demo contact us.