Outdated scales are out and when push comes to shove, it all comes down to how a Crunchie can accelerate their results to achieve fitness goals.

No, no – we’re not talking about Crunchie chocolate bars! We’re talking about Crunch Fitness gym members, also known as ‘Crunchies’, who have exclusive access to one of the world’s best advances in fitness technology, the Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer.

Who is Crunch Fitness?

Crunch Fitness started with humble beginnings, opening up as a small gym in a basement studio in New York City’s East Village back in 1989. Now with over hundreds of gyms worldwide, Crunch Fitness is a well-known health and fitness brand  – now also across New South Wales and Victoria after opening its first Australian gym in 2010.

The original ‘no judgements’ gym, Crunch Fitness offers everything under one massive roof from world famous classes and Astro turf training zones to recovery lounges, spray tanning facilities and impressive weight and cardio machines.

Crunchies Get Their Evolt Hit

Now, the Evolt 360 has made its presence loud and clear for Crunchies, after the franchise decided on the body scanning technology due to its simplicity of use and comprehensive results analysis that included diet and supplement recommendations.

Previously, Crunch Fitness tracked clients through consistent body measurements via qualified personal trainers, but now each Crunch Fitness gym can scan members quickly and easily, and provide each individual with data that covers over 40 measurements of the body.

One of the biggest benefits for members is the ability to scan them in their workout gear without the need for a dedicated private space.

According to Crunch Fitness, the Evolt 360 is an integral tool that Crunch 360PROs (dedicated team members who will personally assist all Crunch members with their fitness journeys) will use to help every Crunchie aspire to personal greatness.

How the Evolt 360 is Helping Crunch Fitness Members

The Evolt 360 does more than just read body weight.

Crunch Fitness members stand on an Evolt 360 body scanner and in less than 60 seconds get a full print-out of more than 40 different body composition measurements. That includes scientifically backed information on what’s going on inside their body like protein, body fat percentage, bone mineral content and total body water just to name a few.

Such a full body analysis can provide individuals with the complete advantage when it comes to knowing exactly how to fuel their body for optimum performance and fitness results.

With this full report on body composition, Crunch Fitness members continue to have more scans as well as continued tracking tools right at their fingertips. Each individual who uses the Evolt 360 utilises the Evolt Active app, where a clear and concise interface makes it easy to stay motivated and inspired with all your scan results and statistical analysis available any time, any place.

Get In Touch Today

To find out more about becoming a Crunchie and getting an Evolt 360 body scan head into one of the club’s 17 facilities across New South Wales and Victoria or visit www.crunch.com.au. Crunch Fitness is also available on Facebook and Instagram where you can stay up to date with all the latest offers.