On the Road to Good Health

It was a Thanksgiving Day Zoom call with family that made Kelly Deal get up and make a change for the better.

We all have to start somewhere, and Kelly found motivation in a Zoom video capture her father had taken and posted on social media. Despite having a baby just 3 months prior, she was mortified and appalled with her appearance – knowing her sister’s wedding was 6 months away didn’t make her feel any better either.

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The weekend after Thanksgiving, the 30-year-old found herself knocking on the doors of a nearby gym (Cowboys Fit) and signed up. Within a few moments, she’d already been encouraged to step on an Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer for a complete body scan and kick off her fitness journey with a personal training session.

“My initial goal was to tone up my arms and shoulders, since that’s what would be most visible in wedding pictures,” she recalled.

“Any other slim down was an added bonus, so I started working with a personal trainer once a week as soon as I had my first body scan. My trainer Kinzie helped identify the inactive areas of my body, corrected my form and posture, and made sure to work me only as hard as I could at that moment in time.”

Kelly Deal before transformation

Kelly gradually worked up her strength and endurance with light cardio warm ups and cool downs as well as dynamic strength training, and now finds herself making it to her gym 3-5 days outside of her weekly personal training session.

Now that’s motivation!

The Nutrition

Kelly was open to utilizing as many tools and resources as possible to hone in on her bad eating habits. She started tracking her water intake and logging her meals as well as making smarter food choices through guided coursework, and she set herself a goal of spending 5-7 minutes a day reading articles about the psychology of weight loss, food fundamentals and healthy habits.

“I also started to use a pre-workout supplement, BCAA powder, and post-work out protein shake,” she said.

“Thanks to this combination of resources, today I have more energy, stamina and strength; I love how much easier things are becoming, as well as the definition I’m beginning to feel and see in my body.”

Kelly’s Body Scan

For some people, getting on an Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer can be quite a daunting process. Many people despise getting on a set of bathroom scales as it is, so putting one foot and then the other onto a biometric screening machine might appear intimidating.

But when positive results are seen on the print out, and comparisons are made between a first scan and then the next, the feeling of success is second-to-none.

Indeed, Kelly said her initial body scan left her gobsmacked.

“That first one was shocking, to say the least,” she said.

“I knew I was really overweight, but seeing how it all broke down was eye-opening; I knew that if I wanted to be around to see my kids, and their kids, grow up I needed to make a change to my sedentary lifestyle.”

“The Evolt 360 body scan gave me the slap in the face that I needed.”

Evolving Day-by-Day

Since that very first Evolt 360 Body Scan, Kelly now gets really excited to see her internal progress when she feels like she’s hit a plateau.

“Honestly the last 2 scans I’ve had, I prepared for my results to come back worse than the previous and was shocked to discover both had drastically improved,” she recounted.

“I love seeing not only how much fat I’ve lost, but also how much lean mass I’ve put on as the result of my best efforts.”

Kelly Deal Results

The Details

So what’s this lean mass and ‘internal progress’ that Kelly’s talking about?

In 60 seconds, the Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer sends a little electrical current through your body to read over 40 measurements that are key to successful health planning. Learning how much visceral fat, subcutaneous fat and lean mass you have internally can really inspire you to do something about your health and improve the numbers for your second, third and fourth scan.

Together with the body scanner, Kelly also utilized our Evolt Active app to stay motivated and keep up to date with her results.

“I like that I can easily compare my current scan to the previous one without having to switch views between the two and try to remember which was which,” she said.

“I really find it important to use a high-intelligent body scanner for those ‘non-scale victories’; so many times before, I’d be motivated and encouraged to stay fit until the scale stopped moving and would start to go back up.”

“Now I’m not discouraged if I go up slightly in weight because I know when I step on that body scanner again, it’s going to show all my hard-earned gains from the hours I’ve invested in myself at the gym.”

Here are some of Kelly’s amazing transformative numbers, with her 1st scan done on 22 November 2020 and her 5th one done on 29 March 2021.

Weight (kg/lbs)105.0 kg97.8 kg
Subcutaneous Fat Mass (kg/lbs/%)36.2 kg28.4 kg
Visceral Fat Area (cm2)131.0 cm271.0 cm2
Visceral Fat Level15.010.0
Total Body Fat %40.2 %32.8 %
Lean Body Mass (kg/lbs)62.9 kg65.7 kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass (kg/lbs)34.2 kg36.1 kg
Protein (kg/lbs)11.7 kg12.8 kg
Bio Age3433

Evolt 360 Metrics Explained

So How Does It Work?

Our Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer can provide you with a mass load of information for things like total body water, BMR, protein levels, TEE and even your bio age. Using your results together with the Evolt Active app is an incredibly powerful tool in your health and fitness journey, and if it’s a resource that can help you get to your end goals – why not?!

Kelly’s advice for those just starting out, or still thinking about setting up goals, is to look for a small window of opportunity.

“If all you can do one day is 15 minutes on the treadmill, then that’s 15 more minutes of activity you now have for the day you likely would have spent kicked back on the couch,” she said.

“It’s all about baby steps; once you find it’s no longer a struggle with 15lb dumbbells, up it to 20lbs. Sometimes the hardest thing can be simply starting, but it’s essential to keep pushing through.”

“You can do this!”

Kellys Transformation