Advancement In Body Scan – Beyond the Bathroom Scales

A Bit of Background

Sometimes fitness journeys don’t go to plan, and that’s okay. What’s important is that you find what does work for you, and move forward with a new outlook on changing things up a bit.

Christine Ewen did just that.

The 36-year-old began her fitness journey back in February 2020 when she’d heard about Body Fit Training (BFT) and their programs. Before that, she’d tried almost every workout under the sun from kickboxing classes to utilizing a personal trainer but sadly never saw the results she was wanting.

After her very first 8-week challenge with BFT, which included Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer scans, Christine began to see changes to her body but it wasn’t long before the world found itself battling with COVID-19 and gyms shut their doors.

Like many others, she put her fitness aside and focused on work; the loss of a loved one during that time also added its weight to the list, and Christine simply lost all motivation.

“After looking in the mirror late last year (2020) I realized I didn’t recognize myself and I had to put myself first again,” she said.

“My initial goal was to lose the weight I’d put on during COVID-19 but ultimately shifted my focus more on fat loss and bringing down my visceral fat as I knew it was being impacted.”

The Journey Begins

Christine re-lit the switch, and started up again at BFT in Leichhardt where she took full advantage of everything from cardio and strength to functional and core stability progression-based programs.

Training 6 days a week, Christine signed up again to the fitness centre’s 8-week fitness challenge and was provided with a meal plan that would complement her goals. Using a food tracking app to help with macros and calories, she also upped her protein intake with a powder she incorporated into her meals regardless if they were a smoothie, yogurt or pancakes.

The challenge, which started on January 26, 2021 saw Christine start at a weight of 78.7kg. Hopping onto an Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer gave her mounting visibility beyond her weight, and she saw how her body was revolutionizing itself by the time the challenge was finished 8 weeks later.

BEFORE                      AFTER

Body Weight                             78.7kg                          76.6kg
Total Body Fat %                      36.3%                           32.2%
Visceral Fat Area                      99                                69
Subcutaneous Fat Mass            24.9                            21.9
Lean Body Mass                       50.1                             52
Skeletal Muscle Mass                27.4                            28.6
Bio Age                                     39                                37

Christine Evolt 360 Scan Results

Smashing End Goals

Christine knocked her end goal straight out of the ball park, severely lowering her visceral fat area after seeing a decrease of 30kg/m2 in her Evolt 360 body scan at the end of the challenge.

“Sometimes we get so focused on the scales as a measure of success that we don’t realize there is so much else happening in our body composition that are factors of success,” she said.

“By using the Evolt 360, I was able to track the changes in my visceral fat levels, visceral fat area, lean body mass and body fat.”

“I used to be so focused on the scales being a measure of my success and when I didn’t hit those numbers I wanted, I’d be totally discouraged.”

“With using a scientifically validated scanner, I could see what was actually happening in my body composition; it gave me real insights into what was going on beyond the scales.”

“It also kept me accountable and motivated throughout my fitness challenge to hit my goals.”

Christine Before and After Transformation

Staying On Track

With the help of seeing real body measurement numbers, Christine made an amazing achievement and she now offers advice for those wanting to start the journey of improving themselves.

“Trust the process,” she said.

“By making small changes and finding ways to keep yourself accountable, you’ll reach your goals.”

Our Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer is more than just a weight scale. It’s a way to tap into what’s going on inside your body and really do something about it for the better. Once you step on an Evolt 360 machine, rest assured that its harmless electrical current will provide over 40 body measurements in just 60 seconds so you can walk away with a plan that you know will work.

To complement an Evolt 360 body scan, users will also gain access to our Evolt Active app to stay motivated and track progress. Christine utilized hers, and said it was a fantastic tool in addition to all her training.

“I love the Progress section of the Evolt Active app,” she said.

“It’s helped me understand my overall progress and see where I’m at in my journey; it’s also helped me stay motivated.”

Using an Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer and the Evolt Active app together is a powerful resource, and with Christine’s dedication to hard work in achieving her own personal goals, there’s no doubt she’ll continue to be successful on her fitness path.

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