For anyone who has ever struggled with a diet that just isn’t working – there is now a new solution that will help you stay on track and meet your health and fitness goals. Throw away the bathroom scale and the measuring tape and forget you ever heard about ‘BMI’.

Evolt CEO, Edward Zouroudis advises that the technology is enabled with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, and will be a welcome alternative to using expensive and time-consuming methods to determine one’s Macro-Nutrient profile.  Our way is so unique by offering an individual’s macro profile by utilising the Evolt 360’s measurement of skeletal muscle mass to determine a basal metabolic rate, which is the foundation for the macro profile. Other methods out there are simply just using overall weight, which is subject to error when it comes to macronutrients, he also added that he does not believe it is a one size fits all scenario and this should be individualised.

Evolt is a fusion between technology, innovation and health focused on creating a unified ecosystem for users to track, monitor and assess their overall health and fitness. It is powered by the Evolt Active app and platform, capturing a users’ journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

“The speed and cost-effectiveness of the Evolt 360 scanners opens up exciting opportunities for the future. We could soon see the technology used at grocery stores to offer consumers personalised food shopping lists or at the doctor’s office to help patients stay on track.”

Multiple Anytime Fitness Club owner, USA talks about the Macronutrient calculator feature –

“The nutrition side & macro breakdown is unparalleled. I’ve never seen a better macro breakdown recommendation from ANY software. Most algorithms have people under eating, starving themselves, slowing recovery, causing injuries, losing muscle mass and ultimately creating an environment of failure. This feature alone saves a club literally THOUSANDS of dollars. You’re going to spend a hefty sum on products or services that “solve” the nutrition issue at your club if you genuinely care about your clients. Evolt is the answer.”

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