Nutrishop Chino Hills offers free body scans for all customers as they invest in new health tech with the Evolt 360

Nutrishop Chino Hills (CA) has been a big part of the community since 2006, offering sports supplements, personalised meal plans and body composition analyses to those walking through their doors. Their loyal clientele numbers are the result of high quality products and exceptional customer service, and now the outlet has invested in the modern, high-tech Evolt 360 to make even more of an impact.

Getting High Tech With An Evolt 360

Before purchasing an Evolt 360 body composition analyser, Nutrishop Chino Hills used an InBody 570 to engage with their clients and monitor their health and fitness progress.

For a while, the InBody 570 machine worked a treat for staff and Nutrishop Chino Hills clientele, but as technology advanced over the years and the demand from customers grew, it was time for shop general manager Jordon Houle to invest in something more state-of-the-art and progressive.

“We purchased the Evolt 360 to offer our customers the best in relation to body composition analyses,” he said.

“For each one of those customers who steps on the Evolt 360, they now have a more clear understanding of their body composition and with their calorie/macro breakdown have information to help accomplish their goals.”

The Plan Of Attack

At Nutrishop Chino Hills, customers are currently offered a complimentary scan but it won’t stop there as Jordon explains.

“We offer a free Evolt 360 body analysis scan to all of our customers and we will be using the Evolt 360 for future challenges and events,” he said.

“We’re so excited about the use of the Evolt for our transformation challenges and how it will increase member participation.”

“Using a body composition scale like the Evolt 360 gives our users more insights to what is happening internally versus just what is being seen on the standard weight scale.”

“And what I personally love most about the Evolt Active app that everyone gets access to is the updated list of measurements after each scan and the supplement profile – you just can’t go wrong.”

Jordon said when it comes to staying motivated in your health and fitness journey, it all comes down to sustainability.

“It’s all about what we can do for the long term,” he said.

“For dieting and exercise, it will take some trial and error, but you have to find what works best for you – something you enjoy that you can do for the rest of your life.”

Getting In Touch

To get in touch with Jordon and the staff at Nutrishop Chino Hills for all your supplement needs or for a scan with their Evolt 360 body composition analyser, call them on 909 606 8744, email at or hit them up on Instagram by searching for their tag @NutrishopChinoHills.

For more information about purchasing an Evolt 360 for your business visit or request an information pack below.