Tired mum starts her better health & weight loss journey after realizing enough was enough

Like most mums, Rebecca Anderson spent most of her time putting her family first. And there’s no doubt that doing so is important, but when it comes at the cost of feeling tired every waking minute, not eating well, and tearing yourself apart physically and mentally, there comes a point where your health has to take priority.

Rebecca felt exactly that, realizing at one point in late 2018 that it was time to take control of her life and feel like herself again.

“I was putting everyone else first, and the stress and anxiety I lived with daily was taking over my life,” she said.

“It was taking over my health, I was always tired, always unhappy.”

“Enough was finally enough. I wanted to lose 100lbs and be strong and happy again.”

weight loss

And So Rebecca’s Journey Begins

December 2018 was when Rebecca made the change in her life, and it was just going for walks and getting started with yoga until she found a personal trainer at a small gym in Kewanee, IL. Her newfound PT helped Rebecca build core strength as well as her confidence, and before she knew it, the weight had begun to come off.

“I lost 30lbs with her!” Rebecca revealed.

“This was training 2 days a week with her and at home 3 other days. I then continued to work at home throughout the fall of 2019 and the nightmare that was early/mid-2020, losing another 30lbs slowly but surely.”

In the fall of 2020, Rebecca joined Anytime Fitness in Princeton, IL and made a commitment to herself that she would push through and lose another 50lbs.

“I willed myself to be active; I worked out 6 days a week and had 1 active rest day,” she said.

“I was doing well enough on my own but I needed some one-on-one help again, so I hired a personal trainer in late April and had a basic body scan done.”

With a combination of hiking, biking and kayaking on her active rest days, Rebecca did a mix of HIIT, functional strength training, weightlifting and kickboxing – and since then, she’s successfully lost a total of 115lbs.

weight loss

Combining Nutrition With Activity

In the beginning, Rebecca jumped on the Keto Diet trend, but she quickly learned it wasn’t sustainable for her. She switched to a high protein, healthy fats and carbs diet and tracked her food as well as her workouts with a FitBit and then MyFitnessPal.

“I learned early in my journey not to restrict the foods I loved,” Rebecca said.

“I would binge or have food guilt, and I learned to balance my diet and stay on track 80% of the time. I also learned to enjoy a meal when it was date night, eat pizza guilt-free at a birthday party, all of that stuff.”

“I believe the battle with food is mostly mental. You can balance a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying what you eat.”

Currently, Rebecca is focusing heavily on protein now that she’s getting into weightlifting, choosing healthy carbs and limiting alcohol.

The Scan Experience

Rebecca’s first body scan was with a different machine when she started her health journey but has since stood on an Evolt 360 and revealed she was incredibly impressed with all the features it had to offer, including the accompanying app.

“I absolutely love how the Evolt 360 breaks down your measurements and explains everything,” she explained.

“I love seeing my muscle mass in particular. I’ve worked so hard and seeing the results really confirms for me that I’m working in the right direction.”

“My favorite part about the Evolt Active app is that it breaks down my macros. I definitely need to work harder on this but now I’ve got the best tools.”

She also said it was vital for people to use scientifically validated scanners, like the Evolt 360, to track body composition and transformation.

“I think the number on the scale can be very deceiving and also can be something that will inhibit growth when your only focus is a number,” she said.

“An Evolt 360 scan really shows what is what with your body. I’ll continue to take these scans because I don’t have a lot of fat mass to lose now that I’m past the large weight loss; I want to focus on lean muscle growth and the Evolt 360 will be the one to show that to me.”

Rebecca’s Tips To Others

Rebecca’s weight loss and fitness journey have seen incredible improvement in her anxiety and depression, and she loves lifting heavy at the gym and feeling strong. Her life has taken a turn for the better, and her experience has left her with some words of wisdom.

“I really recommend hiring a trainer and a nutritionist if you can,” she advises.

“If not, then follow scientifically proven methods such as healthy calorie deficit and strength training in combination with cardio…and take rest days! Don’t ever feel guilty about rest days.”

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