High-tech body composition tool now available at Curves gyms

High-tech body composition tool now available at Curves gyms

Curves members will be thrilled to learn that their gyms across Australia, Canada, the US, and New Zealand are now home or future home, to the most high-tech and advanced body composition scanner on the market! More Evolt body scanners are scheduled to be put into more Curves gyms over the coming months.

In a move to further help millions of women across the globe reach their health and fitness goals, Evolt 360 scanners are being put in the hands of Curves owners and trainers and utilized as an extended tool for members’ training programs.

Evolt 360 is the lead provider of modern technology body composition scanning, offering a 60-second scan that provides detailed data about an individual through more than 40 measurements. These data points include visceral fat area, total body water, protein levels, skeletal muscle mass, lean body mass plus so much more. Curves gym members will now have the ability to access the scanners and renew their motivation after seeing incremental changes to their body composition after each scan.

With health a top priority in modern times, the Evolt 360 scanner will pinpoint Curves’ members’ needs and help them set guidelines to reach their goals. Whether those goals include muscle toning, weight loss/gain, or just keeping active, a monthly scan at a member’s local Curves will be an important diagnostic tool in supporting her fitness program.

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Curves President, Krishea Holloway, said;

”Curves has always been a great workout for ALL ages and fitness levels and it’s still the workout that can give women everything they need, plus coaching and accountability. Now more than ever, women want a workout to help them get stronger and increase lean muscle mass. With Evolt, we can now provide additional coaching, accountability, and understand what’s happening inside versus just seeing the number on the scale! We are excited about how our franchisees and members are embracing this new innovation.”

Curves members will absolutely love tracking their progress thanks to the Evolt 360. They’ll have the ability to delve deeper into how their body works and put together the best possible program for the results they’re looking for. And while some changes may be noticeable even without a body scanner, others may not be so obvious. While you work towards losing fat and building muscle, the scale might stay the same, but your measurements will change and the scans will help members see progress.

But that’s not all members will gain access to. With an Evolt 360 scan, they will gain the knowledge and understanding of how muscle, fat and bone react to all lifestyle changes – and when that reduces the chance of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, their health and happiness takes a leap forward.

Evolt’s Co-Founder Kelly Weideman added “Evolt’s mission is to help make the world a healthier place through education and awareness of body composition metrics for everyday people. We’re proud to play a part in empowering women to take their health into their own hands.”

To get in touch with your nearest Curves, visit curves.com and hit Find A Workout.

To learn more about your body and for personalized macronutrient and supplement recommendations  Download the Evolt Active app and search for your nearest Evolt 360 Body Composition Scan location.

For more information about purchasing an Evolt 360 for your business visit www.evolt360.com/contact or request an information pack below.






A Starting Point. Because the number one reason members quit a gym is that they don’t use it enough, Evolt gets them motivated by providing a baseline measurement of the overall fitness. This motivates them to improve and provides an easy-to-understand measurement of their progress.


Better Nutrition. By using the free Evolt app, your clients can easily monitor the macronutrient breakdown that is updated with each scan. It takes the guesswork out of a nutrition plan.


Easy Reporting. Through Evolt Insights, our cloud-based reporting program, trainers have easy access to member profiles, allowing them to monitor their workouts and progress. It also facilitates automated Club Challenges.


Recurring Revenue. Evolt 360 actually creates a third revenue stream after membership dues and personal training fees. Do the math: If you add just $20 per month to your base membership for one scan a month, each client adds up to an additional $240 a year — $4800 a year for getting as few as 20 clients on the machine.


Unique Lead Generation. You can take your Evolt 360 out of the club to special events. Think health and wellness fairs, senior centers and recreation programs! The lead generation opportunities are limited only by your staff’s imagination.


Training for Trainers. We don’t just send you a box and leave you on your own. Evolt provides a proven on-boarding program for all new clients to make sure everyone understands the process and the science. Your success is our success.


Backed by Science. Evolt 360 is the exact opposite of a one-size-fits-all product. Its science accounts for the unique and personalized characteristics of every individual. Just like your club should!


And one more thing: Scientific literature has written time and time again that there is no such thing as a direct measure of body composition — except in a post-mortem dissection of a cadaver. Scientific validation of BIA technology has proven the use of specific algorithms that consider age and gender to improve the accuracy of body composition measurement. The Evolt 360 takes that even further by incorporating five specific personalized variables – height, weight, gender, age and impedance – to provide the most accurate body composition measurement for any individual.

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Say goodbye to scales and measuring tapes. Give your clients the ability to see real-time results from their efforts. While increasing their confidence in your service leading to higher retention rates, increased referrals and word of mouth, not to mention creating an exciting and fun culture in your gym.




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