From injury to hot bod – how Brad used the Evolt 360 to help him recover from injury

An injury will disrupt our regular patterns and schedules, and we get sidelined from making headway in our health and fitness goals. Time away from the gym, or workout sessions, causes some strength and cardio endurance to decrease, and emotionally we may respond with irritation, lack of motivation, frustration and disengagement. 

In late 2020, Bradley suffered a bout of multiple injuries to his wrists and rotator cuff, causing him to stop going and lose interest in the gym. Almost an entire year off training, and he’d developed bad eating habits, which left him ‘in the worst shape I’ve ever been in’. 

The solution came along in the form of Bradley’s partner and being able to track his progress through the Evolt 360 body scanner. 

“My partner had been going to BFT Noarlunga since it opened 14 months ago, and convinced me to do a 10-day free trial that was offered at the time,” he says. 

“Reluctantly I agreed; I’ve never been fond of ‘class fitness’, having a fair amount of experience in weight training, I thought that this style of training wasn’t for people like me. However being almost one year since I’d set foot in a gym, my starting goal was that at the very least it would kickstart my passion again and I could start back weightlifting.”

Bradley hasn’t looked back since. 

Fast Forward And No Regrets

Fast forward 3 months, and Bradley couldn’t imagine where he’d be without BFT Noarlunga.

“From the first day I went, everyone was friendly and welcoming, and I credit it entirely to my ability to continue pushing every day,” he explains. 

“Four weeks in, and they had one of their 8-week challenges. So after years of on again-off again training, I decided to push myself to be the absolute best version of myself. The team at BFT Noarlunga helped me work out what I had to do to not only alter specific exercises in the sessions to cater to impingements, but to gradually work through and rehabilitate pain that I’d thought was just a normal part of my life moving forward.” 

“The help and support of the trainers as well as fellow gym members made the entire 8 weeks one of the most fun gym related experiences I’d ever had. It was never a chore to get up and go, because every day I looked forward to seeing the same friendly faces.”

Bradley’s Training Taken To A New Level

Training for Bradley was primarily done at the BFT Noarlunga gym, where during the challenge he trained 6 days per week – this consisted of 3 cardio classes (a combination of HIIT and M.I.S.S) and 3 weights or resistance-related classes (Shred and XTX). His weights classes were structured hypertrophy and strength in separate sessions that focused on progressive overload with additional accessory movements designed to aid the focused strength movements.

Nutrition, according to Bradley, was always his weakest point, but he was adamant to do his best to stick to a diet. 

“Using the BFT diet plan for inspiration, I adapted my previous experience with intermittent fasting to aid myself to stick to a consistent caloric deficit,” he explains. 

“As I’m a big eater, I find that by restricting my eating window with intermittent fasting (usually 8 hours starting from 1pm) it allows me to enjoy larger meals at the end of the day and feel satiated, which is a massive contributor to the ability to stick with a diet and not overeat as I have a tendency to do so when not tracking my caloric intake.”

It was all about tracking his macros and focusing on hitting his protein target (1.6-2g per kg bodyweight) and then his calorie target (2,000-2,500 per day).

recover from injury

And Then The Evolt Steps In

Bradley had some experience with similar scans before, but said he ‘never believed them’. All that changed after the Evolt 360. 

“I’ve done other scans that utilize the same principle, and never believed them; having experience in the fitness industry, I have the ability to estimate things like body fat percentage and have never found the body scans to be very accurate – however I’m pleased to say that I found the Evolt surprisingly close to what my estimates would be, and it’s a fantastic tool to utilize to keep yourself accountable and gauge your progress.”

Here is a snapshot of some of Bradley’s body scan totals, with his first conducted in September, 2021 and his second in November, 2021. 

Weight (kg/lbs)106.9 kg94.6 kg
Subcutaneous Fat Mass (kg/lbs/%)17.4 kg8.1 kg
Visceral Fat Area (cm2)63.0 cm231.0 cm2
Visceral Fat Level7.02.0
Total Body Fat %18.6 %9.5 %
Lean Body Mass (kg/lbs)87.0 kg85.6 kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass (kg/lbs)48.5 kg48.0 kg
Protein (kg/lbs)18.1 kg18.4 kg
Bio Age2724

Evolt 360 Metrics Explained

Taking Words From Bradley

Being able to track progress visually through Evolt 360 body scan reports can be seen as a strong motivator in keeping people inspired, and Bradley couldn’t agree more. 

“The scanner is a great tool to utilize to track your progress,” he says. 

“If you’re consistent in the way you use it (same time of day, similar meals and liquid intakes) they are undoubtedly helpful in following your composition changes and can be a great indicator of any potential imbalances you may have that could hinder your ability to do specific exercises.” 

He also provides some good advice to anyone who has lost some motivation. 

“Don’t be scared to step outside your comfort zone. Joining BFT Noarlunga was the last thing I thought I would do, but now I wouldn’t look back.”

“Some of the best workouts you’ll have are the ones you didn’t want to do in the first place.” 

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