How to Lose Body Fat – Meg’s Story

How to Lose Body Fat: Sometimes, all it takes to kickstart yourself into a world of newfound health and fitness is the realization that confidence is running low, and being unhealthy relates to it. 

That’s exactly what happened to Meg Macri, who at age 25 was feeling the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and didn’t like her growing sense of low self-confidence. 

“My journey started about 18 months ago during COVID-19 when I was feeling the unhealthiest and least confident in my body than ever before,” she recalled. 

“I started running on a treadmill I’d found in hard rubbish, and doing workouts in my garage.”

How It Started

Meg’s transformation journey truly began in May 2021 when she signed up to her first-ever fitness challenge with local gym BFT Newstead, saying she’d been going to the gym fairly consistently but had hit a wall with her progress and was struggling to reach her goals. 

“I’d say I had plateaued and was just feeling a bit ‘meh’,” she said. 

“When I started the challenge, my goal was to lose 5kg, which I’d been trying to do for 6 months and simply couldn’t budge it.

“The challenge saw me do a real mix of training with cardio, strength and resistance plus a little bit of boxing and yoga when I could. I trained 6 days a week at BFT Newstead, and I also walked to and from work most days to keep my steps up!”

Following the BFT Newstead meal plan was everything Meg needed to track her calories and food. Because she likes structure, she followed the plan closely because it took the thinking out of it once she’d done her preparation for the week. 

“I’ve never tracked food or calories before so the plan was pretty crucial,” she explained. 

“I allowed myself treats, usually on the weekend or if I had a catch up with a friend. This was enough for me and I found it easy to get straight back on track with no guilt.” 

How to Lose Body Fat

How It’s Going

Prior to joining the challenge, Meg had never had a body scan done before, but found herself completely motivated when seeing the progress through multiple scans. 

“Seeing the changes in my body – beyond the kilograms – over the 12 week period was one of the best parts, I was seeing all my hard work paying off!” she exclaimed. 

“I have only really ever based my progress off a set of bathroom scales so to see the full picture was amazing!”

Meg’s before and after scans are fantastic to compare, so let’s take a look. 


Measurement Before After
Weight (kg/lbs) 70.8 kg 60.9 kg
Subcutaneous Fat Mass (kg/lbs/%) 18.5 kg 13.2 kg
Visceral Fat Area (cm2) 45.0 cm2 28.0 cm2
Visceral Fat Level 6.0 3.0
Total Body Fat % 29.1 % 23.6 %
Lean Body Mass (kg/lbs) 50.2 kg 46.5 kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass (kg/lbs) 27.7 kg 25.8 kg
Protein (kg/lbs) 10.0 kg 9.5 kg
Bio Age 25 24



Looking at the difference in numbers, it’s no wonder Meg feels amazing! 

“It’s actually hard to describe the feeling, it’s so great being at a place I dreamt of when I first started out,” she said. 

“I don’t remember feeling this fit ever. I feel strong, energized, and motivated to set and achieve new goals. Without sounding too cliché, I honestly do feel like a completely different person.”

“I haven’t felt this confident in my body for a really long time, and I’m proud of what I was able to achieve both mentally and physically in 12 weeks.” 

Meg’s Advice To Others

People get so caught up in the kilogram numbers, they lose sight of the fact that it’s only a small part of the transformation, and Meg’s experience with the Evolt 360 proves that a body scan gives the full picture of an individual’s progress. 

“I have completely transformed my lifestyle and have an entirely new outlook on health and fitness,” she said. 

“I love training and eating foods that make me feel good, and now it just feels second nature. Food and exercise isn’t a chore anymore, it’s a part of my daily routine now.”

“Preparation truly is the key, though. Taking the time on a Sunday to get my food sorted was big for me because once my food was prepped there were no excuses not to stay on track throughout the week.” 

“Another bit of advice I’d love to give is to schedule your exercise/workouts in, as a non-negotiable and surround yourself with supportive people. I had some of the best coaches at BFT checking in with me, guiding and sharing knowledge and motivating me.”

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