Body Scanners: Body composition is an important metric in health and physical fitness. Which is why a lot of fitness enthusiasts turn to Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) in order to get a better insight of their body composition. BIA is a simple, portable, quick, non-invasive and inexpensive method of accurately measuring and assessing total and segmental body composition and nutritional status.

This is what the Evolt 360 delivers and more.

Evolt 360 is an “Intelligent Body Scanner” that uses over 40 measurements to deliver detailed data about an individual’s body in 60 seconds. It works by passing a safe electrical current through the feet and hands and determines the difference between muscle mass, fat mass, water and mineral – a measurement far beyond the one-size-fits all generic BMI.  This means readings are specific to the individual, allowing trainers to better design a health and wellness program.

For Your Business

The Evolt 360 provides opportunities to generate revenue as a paid service or a value-add for new members. Running fitness challenges, for example, will provide additional income as you can charge members for additional scans as part of the challenge.

The Evolt 360 is also a valuable tool that can take your member engagement and retention to the next level. As it provides members with important insights and personalized information based on their scan data, it could motivate them to stay loyal to your brand as well and come back for re-scans to see how much progress they are making.

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Tracking Progress with Evolt Insights

This is not your ordinary body composition scanner. As innovators in the body composition space, Evolt developed the world’s first intuitive business platform to engage existing members and create new business leads with a single click.

The Evolt 360 is an ecosystem that allows your business to grow and understand your customers by providing valuable insights. It is the only one of its kind in the market with the following features:

  • Measures your total energy expenditure
  • Tells you your bio age score
  • Provides you a macronutrient profile depending on your body type and your goals
  • Gives owners dashboard access with powerful marketing search functions
  • Equipped with automated reporting
  • Analyzes your data and gives an overview with automated reporting
  • Customize your result sheets (and brand it!)
  • Provides an online operator’s certification course
  • Access to a portal with user manuals, videos, and marketing content
  • Gives you a marketing and sales playbook to help owners and staff understand
  • Upskill your staff with a rich, e-learning platform of resources
  • Gamify your progress with individual and group bio-wellness ratings
  • API integration with major third party applications

Introducing the Evolt Active App

The Evolt Active App is the ultimate health and wellness app in achieving fitness goals. It uses the unique capture of bio-feedback from the Evolt 360 to provide detailed and personalized assistance based on the user’s goals. It also provides detailed tracking of user progress and information to help them better understand their body and their wellness journey.

To learn more about your body and for personalized macronutrient and supplement recommendations Download the Evolt Active app and search for your nearest Evolt 360 Body Composition Scan location.

For more information about purchasing an Evolt 360 for your business visit or request an information pack below.