How to understand and explain body scan results: The Evolt 360 Body Scan results contain powerful metrics so it’s important to be able to understand and explain body scan results fully. As with all forms of body composition, the technology of bioelectrical impedance (BIA) requires standardised conditions when scanning to provide proper repeatability of measurements. The technology reads impedance and reactance of tissue at a point in time which can differentiate Lean Body Mass from Body Fat Mass.

The human body is quite dynamic in response to training stimulus, nutrient partitioning and supplementation/medications so those things need to be taken into account with respect to scan readings.  The technology is validated in science and used in medicine so generally, variabilities in scan results are mostly due to human factors, this is why we always ensure there are standardised conditions around testing.

The most important aspect of using BIA technology is to ensure the circumstances around comparison scans are controlled, so all scans need to be performed under the following conditions –

  • The same time of the day of the scan
  • The same hydration level (ie. the user should have consumed some water well before scanning)
  • The same food consumption
  • The same medications
  • The same supplements
  • The same caffeine consumption (we recommend no caffeine prior to scanning)
  • The same phase of the menstrual cycle, ie. follicular phase or luteal phase (refer to section on the menstrual cycle)
  • The client must have full contact with the silver tactile points (particularly full contact with palms) and the client should have clean hands and feet.  It is common for people to lose contact with their palms during the scan process which can lead to the impedance not reaching all 5 compartments.
  • The client should not have trained or be heated prior to scanning.

Key Points of Assessing Progress

You will see the key components on the scan to check are highlighted in yellow.