Jordan got his act together and saw real results from his 30 Day Transformation
It Starts With A Goal

Like so many other people who went through COVID-19 lockdown, Jordan Rowley got a little bit ‘too’ comfortable not keeping active and staying fit. It happens. There are times when we lose motivation, we can’t be bothered, and sometimes we’d just rather binge-watch on a streaming service.

But enough was enough for Jordan, who made the conscious decision at the start of 2021 to set himself a goal and get his act together. The ultimate goal? To improve his overall fitness whilst aiming to trim some excess fat he’d gained in the past 12 months.

It was a matter of getting out the door and hitting his local gym, Body Fit Training South Yarra, where Jordan put his hand up for group training sessions to ensure he got a variety of cardio and strength workouts.

And the journey began.

“I aimed for about 4 to 5 sessions a week,” he said.

“I also played basketball socially, which was exhausting with the level of fitness I had.”

Jordan Rowley Before Transformation
Jordan Rowley After

Taking The Lead

We all know that it takes a combination of exercise as well as nutrition to see the best results when it comes to smashing physical goals, so it was no surprise that Jordan, together with his partner, started a nutritional health kick.

“We essentially cut out junk food and takeaways from our diet, whilst also cutting out any alcohol as best we could for the duration of the BFT challenge we’d signed up for,” he said. “Doing it together made things 10 times easier.”

“The only supplement I took was protein, just a standard Musashi low carb protein.”

Getting All The Right Measurements

When Jordan started his challenge at BFT South Yarra, he was encouraged to hop on the gym’s Evolt 360 for a full analysis of his internal workings. This included not only his actual bodyweight that a set of normal bathroom scales would provide but also total body water, mineral intake, visceral fat area, BMR (basal metabolic rate) and his bio age – plus a whole lot more.

After a month of intense exercise combining cardio and strength, and ensuring optimal nutrition, Jordan’s results speak for themselves following a final Evolt 360 scan.

Jordan Rowley Results

The numbers are staggering.

Weight (kg/lbs)101.1 kg98.9 kg
Subcutaneous Fat Mass (kg/lbs/%)12.1 kg7.7 kg
Visceral Fat Area (cm2)45.0 cm228.0 cm2
Visceral Fat Level5.01.0
Total Body Fat %13.6 %8.6 %
Lean Body Mass (kg/lbs)87.4 kg90.4 kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass (kg/lbs)49.4 kg51.3 kg
Protein (kg/lbs)18.5 kg19.5 kg
Bio Age2524

Evolt 360 Metrics Explained

Oh, What A Feeling

Jordan said now that he has seen first-hand how his hard work has paid off, he just can’t shake off how amazing it feels knowing all the progress he’s achieved.

“I feel so great,” he said.

“My fitness has improved exponentially and I’m able to get up early, exercise, and go all day with lots of energy!”

“The best thing about the Evolt 360 scan is I can tell exactly where I need to focus my efforts and what my targets will be, whether it be fat loss or muscle gain; it’s helped me so much to be able to track my weight loss without losing muscle mass.”

“Another favorite part about the Evolt 360 is that it shows me when I’m in the sub-optimal range for all parameters; for me there was a lot of red at the first scan so I knew there was a lot of work to be done.”

All Those Best Bits

When Jordan stepped on the Evolt 360 before starting his challenge, the biometric screening technology provided him with over 40 body measurements in just 60 seconds, including those mentioned earlier like protein mass, bio age and skeletal muscle mass.

He believes it’s extremely vital to have a resource like the Evolt 360 available to everyday people like himself so they can validate their results with information about their body composition and transformations.

“It’s so important because it’s easy to jump on a scale and know how much you weigh,” he said.

“But having the insight into my body fat mass, muscle mass and even tracking my macros made all the difference in the world for my goals.”

“For me personally having the scan at the start of the challenge was a huge motivator because I didn’t want to jump back on at the end and have worse results!”

“If you can get access to an Evolt 360 body scanner, definitely do it.”

For more information on the Evolt 360 body scanner and to find your closest scanner location, download the Evolt Active App.