When success comes knocking on your door, it’s only logical that you expand and chase more opportunities, right?

Well, that’s exactly what’s happened to Tweak Fitness Tully gym owners Jaydon Grassi and Rylee Blair, who are thrilled that their Cassowary Coast, Queensland gym has been bursting at the seams and have now relocated 150-metres down the road to bigger premises.

The re-opening celebrations, due to kick off in the next couple weeks, will also see the inclusion of their Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyser. Mr Grassi said their Evolt 360 body scanner was added to their facility last year and there was no way it would get left behind.
“Our Evolt 360 scanner has become really popular with our members as well as health and fitness enthusiasts outside of our gym in Tully and surrounding communities,” he said.

“Our members are introduced to the Evolt 360 scanner when they sign up to join the gym and it definitely has generated lots of interest! We also have optional scans built in to our nutrition coaching and personal training packages which has been received really well so far too.”

Tweak Tully Gym Owners

The exclusive feature for Tweak Fitness Tully members provides over 40 measurements following a non-invasive 60-second body scan, and can really help inspire those on their health and fitness journeys to keep powering through to reach their goals. Providing biometric data on things like skeletal muscle mass, total body water, visceral fat mass, protein and total body fat percentage, highly benefits gym members wanting to see success, without measuring it solely by weight loss or gain.

Mr Grassi recalled that the ‘good old days’ of using a measuring tape and scales, and pinching body fat were long gone.
“We’ve always valued body composition scanning over any other form of measuring,” he said.

“We did use traditional methods such as callipers and measuring tape however accuracy was an issue, and each trainer would measure slightly different to the next; bathroom scales just don’t cut it – they tell us nothing about the individual and have the potential to really hinder mentality.

The Evolt 360 allows us to really discover what health and wellness is for each individual client and choosing the best strategies to support their goals.

Our Evolt 360 not only gives us an accurate result for the client to see exactly what their body is made up of and the way it’s functioning, but it also allows us to tailor training and nutrition for our clients with so much more precision.”

Studying for a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy & Clinical Nutrition), Mr Grassi said the Evolt has been a phenomenal tool that allows him to pick up on and confirm imbalances.
“So not only can I tailor programs for training, nutrition and lifestyle, I can also recommend the correct supplements and dosing to further assist the body in re-balancing.”

Tweak Fitness Tully educates its clients to have their health as their number one priority, and that a healthy body composition looks different on each individual body. The Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyser enables the gym’s clients to get an insight into that.

Mr Grassi said having the Evolt 360 for his gym members was also utilised as a tool for inspiration.
“There is so much more to our body than meets the eye,” he said. “That in itself inspires us to want to do better, whether that’s working towards a specific body composition goal or just maintain optimal health. We are definitely just getting started with it.”

“Once our renovations are all finished, we look forward to expanding our Evolt scanner’s Services even more so.”
When stepping on an Evolt 360, Tweak Fitness Tully members are provided detailed data about their bodies, and like Mr Grassi said, this allows for each individual to receive a personally designed plan that can help immensely toward their health and fitness goals.

With an Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyser, you can check your skeletal muscle mass, total body water, bone mineral content, protein, body fat percentage, visceral fat levels, BMR, total energy expenditure, check your macronutrient profile, plus much, much more.

What’s more is that each person who uses an Evolt 360 gains access to the Evolt Active App, which complements the health and wellness journey, and keeps you on track!
Tweak Fitness Tully is due to re-open at 5 Still Street in late April or May and will continue to offer Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyser scans to its members.

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Originally posted Cairns Post: Gym Set for Expansion with Exclusive Features