The Most Incredible Retention Tool for Gym Owners

Originally known as Cardio Centre, the newly named Conquer Fitness – under new owner Christian Sutton – offers an array of personal training, group classes, exercise physiology, pre-packaged meals, 1:1 training, mentoring and advice packages, online coaching, supplements and apparel. It’s the fitness centre that has it all! 

With 2 locations in the South Burnett region (Kingaroy), Conquer Fitness is unique for the electrifying atmosphere in each of its environments, and for changing the dynamic and stereotype of fitness facilities one location at a time.

Retention Tool

Conquer Fitness And Evolt Working Together

Before partnering up with Evolt, Conquer Fitness would conduct anthropometry measurements by hand with callipers and record information on Excel spreadsheets to refer back to at a later stage for comparison. 

Now, the centre has chosen to use an Evolt 360 body scanner due to its sophistication, elegance and the technological benefits it brings to their clients and to the establishment. 

Apart from the tracking of clients’ results with accuracy and sophistication, the Evolt 360 has allowed Conquer Fitness to create another product selling point and build on their revenue, incorporating Evolt 360 body scans into their services offered to members. 

“Being in the industry for a long time (the olden days) where everything was written and recorded, this has absolutely increased the professionalism of our service and put myself, and us as a business, as the front runners in the industry in our regions,” said one team representative about the Evolt 360. 

Not only is the Evolt 360 a selling point, it’s also one of the most incredible retention tools in the market. Clients and members alike can more aptly visualize their muscle gain and see, in real time, how they are losing fat and where on the body they are doing so. Also used as a communication tool between trainer or staff member and client, utilizing the Evolt 360 opens up the floodgates when it comes to learning about an individual’s body and how to best take advantage of the right nutrition and the right exercise to keep progression moving forward. 

For more information on Conquer Fitness, email them at, visit on Facebook by searching Conquerest2015, or call 0402 300 024. You can also find them via their tag @conquerest2015 on Instagram.

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