Shape Personal Training Moves From Callipers To The Evolt 360

Shape Personal Training Moves From Callipers To The Evolt 360

Driven to see client results with tailored training programs for each individual, Shape Personal Training in North Strathfield, Sydney (Australia) focuses on every person as an individual, and what they want in results. They’re also a dedicated partner with Evolt, incorporating body scans into their programs – and seeing incredibly positive outcomes.

With the majority of Shape Personal Training’s clients being busy professionals, it’s important that the brand offers a personalized service rather than just getting people to sign up to a gym and leaving them to fend for themselves. And together with nutrition planning, group classes, access to commercial gym equipment, their own Shape App and weekly educational emails, Shape Personal Training clients are more than just customers – they’re family.

No More Calipers, Please!

Shape Personal Training started with 2 people, Joseph Dagher and Lorah Chetcuti. Joe, a personal trainer and Lorah who was then a client of Joe’s, is now also a qualified personal trainer. As a client Lorah lost a total of 50kg in 18 months all through implementing lifestyle changes with training and nutrition.

The company has since blossomed to a 10-strong leadership ‘tribe’, with each trainer unique in their speciality but working together seamlessly as a team.

Before discovering the Evolt 360 body scanner, Joe used to bring along a set of skin calipers together with a pen and determine a client’s body fat levels based on the calipers and markers. He could clearly see that many people were uncomfortable with the process, almost like it was an invasion of personal space – not to mention, the pinch on calipers can be a bit brutal.

The team at Shape Personal Training chose to partner with Evolt 360 for a number of reasons, including the fact that “we saw that the Evolt had great tech support, systems and app; branding from the Evolt team was also awesome as they did stand out from their competitors.”


How Shape Personal Training Uses The Evolt 360

Shape Personal Training runs 12-week program blocks with their clients, based on each individual’s goals. Before training starts, a client will sit down with their trainer and complete a goals and nutrition session, paving the way for their next 3 months.

During that session, the client will have a body scan on the Evolt 360 and a nutrition plan is established based on lifestyle requirements.

“The benefit of this for us is it allows us to create a smooth process and system for our business, not to mention it gives our clients value and real data they can compare when they do another scan at the end of their 12-week block,” Joe says.

“It allows us to set the client up for future success.”

“The Evolt 360 is a great innovation…in just 60 seconds, I can see how much muscle to fat ratio my client is holding.”

Get In Touch With Shape Personal Training

It’s easy to get in touch with Shape Personal Training if you’re looking to have a scan done. Simply submit a form on their website here and Joe and his team will reach out! You can also check out all their latest news through their socials on Facebook and Instagram. Just search for their handle @shapeptau.

To learn more about your body and for personalized macronutrient and supplement recommendations  Download the Evolt Active app and search for your nearest Evolt 360 Body Composition Scan location.

For more information about purchasing an Evolt 360 for your business visit or request an information pack below.






A Starting Point. Because the number one reason members quit a gym is that they don’t use it enough, Evolt gets them motivated by providing a baseline measurement of the overall fitness. This motivates them to improve and provides an easy-to-understand measurement of their progress.


Better Nutrition. By using the free Evolt app, your clients can easily monitor the macronutrient breakdown that is updated with each scan. It takes the guesswork out of a nutrition plan.


Easy Reporting. Through Evolt Insights, our cloud-based reporting program, trainers have easy access to member profiles, allowing them to monitor their workouts and progress. It also facilitates automated Club Challenges.


Recurring Revenue. Evolt 360 actually creates a third revenue stream after membership dues and personal training fees. Do the math: If you add just $20 per month to your base membership for one scan a month, each client adds up to an additional $240 a year — $4800 a year for getting as few as 20 clients on the machine.


Unique Lead Generation. You can take your Evolt 360 out of the club to special events. Think health and wellness fairs, senior centers and recreation programs! The lead generation opportunities are limited only by your staff’s imagination.


Training for Trainers. We don’t just send you a box and leave you on your own. Evolt provides a proven on-boarding program for all new clients to make sure everyone understands the process and the science. Your success is our success.


Backed by Science. Evolt 360 is the exact opposite of a one-size-fits-all product. Its science accounts for the unique and personalized characteristics of every individual. Just like your club should!


And one more thing: Scientific literature has written time and time again that there is no such thing as a direct measure of body composition — except in a post-mortem dissection of a cadaver. Scientific validation of BIA technology has proven the use of specific algorithms that consider age and gender to improve the accuracy of body composition measurement. The Evolt 360 takes that even further by incorporating five specific personalized variables – height, weight, gender, age and impedance – to provide the most accurate body composition measurement for any individual.

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Say goodbye to scales and measuring tapes. Give your clients the ability to see real-time results from their efforts. While increasing their confidence in your service leading to higher retention rates, increased referrals and word of mouth, not to mention creating an exciting and fun culture in your gym.




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