Andre Finds Optimum Health After a Decade

Andre Finds Optimum Health After a Decade

Ten years ago, Andre Alexopoulos weighed about 120kg, he wanted to be a better role model to his four children, so he used this as his motivation to make a change. His first stint at fitness involved cycling for seven years, boxing, spin, and circuit training, and he successfully lost over 25kgs.

Fluctuating continuously between 88kg-95kgs in that time, it was only in the last two years when COVID hit that he realized he still didn’t like what he saw in the mirror, particularly after being cooped up due to the pandemic.

Today, 43-year-old Andre is 85.6kg with a BWI Score of 9.4/10 and a bio age of 35. So how did he do it, and what do his body scan numbers look like?

Andre’s New Lease on Life

For the better part of the last decade, it had been an ongoing battle with Andre taking part in a variety of diets, gyms and challenges. He was able to bring the weight down eventually, but he realized that when hovering between 88kg and 95kg, his body fat percentage was still high.

“I was one of those ‘skinny fat’ dudes who would train hard every day and couldn’t lose my love handles, back or belly fat,” he says.

“Last year I joined BFT Airport West and started to feel a big difference in my strength and fitness after the first month. I found the training very similar to previous circuit gyms, however the small things they do differently make a massive difference – they keep it simple, challenging and fun, and the best thing about it is that it suits everyone, from a pro-trainer to a beginner.”

It’s time to take a look at Andre’s two Evolt body scan results, with the first taken on 3 February 2022 and the follow up on 4 April.


Measurement Before After
Weight (kg/lbs) 92.7 kg 85.6 kg
Subcutaneous Fat Mass (kg/lbs/%) 9.3 kg 3.9 kg
Visceral Fat Area (cm2) 55.0 cm2 32.0 cm2
Visceral Fat Level 6.0 2.0
Total Body Fat % 11.3 % 5.0 %
Lean Body Mass (kg/lbs) 82.2 kg 81.3 kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass (kg/lbs) 46.1 kg 45.8 kg
Protein (kg/lbs) 17.6 kg 17.7 kg
Bio Age 38 35



Optimum Health

So How Did He Get Those Amazing Results?

Andre trained six days a week at BFT Airport West during the facility’s challenge time, and he also included footy training and another gym routine at KDP Fitness.

When it came to nutrition, he followed the Evolt app’s calorie recommendation 100%.

“I followed the Evolt calorie recommendation based on the goals I had input into the Evolt app – it was all there, it was so easy to set goals and follow structure,” he says.

“Was it hard at the start? Yes, of course. But it became more achievable and more manageable after the first week.”

“BFT provided my meal plan over the past eight weeks, and I stuck to that ultimately. They provided a daily food schedule, recipes for all meals and a shopping list…how easy is that? And after all these years, I’ve now learned how to eat correctly.”

Andre’s Evolt 360 Experience

Andre had never had a body scan before, and he was more than impressed after stepping on an Evolt 360 in February 2022.

“I did the first scan, and I was incredibly impressed with the data; I didn’t care about the results because I knew that it was all just a starting point, and I was ready for the journey,” he says.

“What I loved most about the Evolt 360 was the data. I am 100% a data person.”

“I had a starting point for myself and the ability to measure and constantly challenge myself…it was all about being the best me…I had everything I needed to know about myself in the palm of my hand. The Evolt 360 told me where I was too high, low, or optimal and where it should be, so I felt like I was in control”.

“To top it off, I could hold myself accountable with the Evolt app, especially when I needed to refocus because the data is right there in front of me.”

Priceless Advice

One of the most important things, according to Andre, is to always believe in yourself when you’re on a journey to better improve yourself. Ten years has taught him a lot.

“Don’t be disheartened or lose belief in yourself when you don’t reach your goals first, second or third time,” he says.

“I’ve failed challenges, fallen off the wagon, dropped weight and put it back on so many times over the past decade…I felt that I was flying blind up until now. The Evolt 360 scan coupled with BFT training was my winning formula”.

“Find a gym with an awesome vibe, but don’t expect them to hold you accountable for every second of the day. You’re only with them for one hour per day…it’s what you’re doing when nobody is watching during the other 23 hours that counts”.

“Oh yes, and of course track everything on the Evolt 360 body scanner so you can see how awesome you’re doing!”

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