CASESTUDY: The movement towards advanced technology in the health and fitness industry is a massive evolution, and in a multitude of ways it’s helped improve the lives of people all across the globe. Anytime Fitness Newbury recently moved away from traditional measuring methods and into the high tech body compostion space with an Evolt 360 body composition analyzer – and they haven’t looked back since.

Setting Up With An Evolt

Anytime Fitness Newbury, located in Berkshire (UK), was established 7 years ago by Neil Bozzoni, who has turned the business into one of the UK’s best within the franchise group. It was Neil who wanted to bring in a body scanner to add as a complete member benefit to the gym, and after reviewing several products Evolt was the most comprehensive and cost effective on the market.

Previously, personal trainers at Anytime Fitness Newbury would have used callipers, scales and measuring tape for their clients, and there was very little, if any, tracking for members’ progress. Now, PT clients and gym members have opportunities to utilize the Evolt 360 where they can be monitored and measured in their progression towards personal goals.

The Evolt Advantage

Anytime Fitness Newbury features a Wellbeing Programme, where any new gym member is encouraged to have a body scan with the Evolt 360 at the start of their health journey and then 4 weeks later.

With scans conducted under a qualified staffer’s supervision, joining members are then given the confidence and understanding of the results and how best to tailor their training and nutrition to improve any particular measurement units such as lean body mass, visceral fat area and skeletal muscle mass.

Existing members also have access to the Evolt 360, with the option to have a body scan anytime they like with full access – even those on the gym’s membership trials.