Traditionally people have used weight on the scale as a measure of progress to measure fat loss, however, we now know that weight on a scale doesn’t provide the full story of body composition progress.

Read on for what your bathroom scales CAN’T tell you…

  1. How much Body Fat makes up your total weight: It is impossible to estimate how much of your total body weight is made up of fat on a bathroom scale or your mirror.
  2. How much Visceral Fat you have: Visceral fat is the dangerous fat that surrounds your internal organs. Because you cannot see this type of fat, it is often termed the “hidden, dangerous fat.”
  3. How much Body Fat you carry on each limb & trunk: Keeping track of where you carry most of your body fat can assist with training and supplement protocols.
  4. How much Skeletal Muscle Mass you have: Necessary for healthy metabolism and increased immune function, Skeletal Muscle Mass occupies less space in the body but can account for the bulk of your body weight on the bathroom scale.
  5. How much Nitrogen (Protein) you have: Necessary for the repair of tissue and cells, protein is vital for muscle growth and immune function.
  6. Identify Muscular imbalances: Required to avoid potential injury and give you an indication of areas that need improvement with training protocols.
  7. Total Water & Fluid Retention: Hormonal imbalances, medications, sodium intake, high carbohydrate intake, etc.

The reason that the Evolt 360 body composition scanner has become the preferred way to track progress is that you can actually measure the number of pounds (or kilos) of body fat lost rather than just weight on a scale.

Not only is it important to track your body fat, but also the different types of body fat, ie. subcutaneous fat vs visceral fat (fat surrounding vital organs) as well as your lean tissue, skeletal muscle mass and total body water.

The Evolt 360 body composition scanner can provide over 40 different metrics which are an important tool to establish a baseline measure and an integral to measure progress towards a particular goal.