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The accuracy of the Evolt 360 has been repeatedly validated in the scientific literature for both the fitness and medical field. Using our patented 5 point algorithm and compartment scanning model, we have been able to revolutionize BIA scanning technology to achieve an average 98-99% repeatability, rivaling that of a DEXA scan.

Some of our competitors use a 3-point algorithm that ignores age and gender (with default to settings that scan everyone as a 21-year old male, overriding what the individual enters into the system) which has repeatedly been substantiated in the literature as key components to the accuracy of body composition in all demographics.

Here at Evolt 360 we pride ourselves on working with our clients to find a package that fits best with their business model and budget. Book in a free discovery call to find out which package will be best for your business HERE.

Absolutely! We offer payment plans up to 36 months, interest free, to suit every business and budget. HERE is the link to book a quick discovery call to find out which package will suit you and your business.

Alongside the scanner, we provide a 5 step monetization strategy to launch the Evolt 360 in your club, and make profit instantly. This system has been used repeatedly to quadruple the profit of our customers’ clubs within the first 6-12 months. Contact our team HERE to book in for a discovery call.

Yes! At Evolt, your success is our success. All new owners and operators will have access to The Evolt Academy.

The Evolt Academy is an e-learning platform for health and fitness operators, trainers and industry professionals to become an expert in not only the Evolt 360 product but also body composition, the science and the incredible ways you can use our technology to engage, retain and attract new members. Our online specialization course will teach you everything you need to know and give you an edge in the industry. Upon completion, you will be an Evolt 360 Body Composition Specialist!

On top of that, you get on-demand and unlimited access to our education and support teams, with the ability to book in further training, education, and strategy calls at any time to level up your staff’s knowledge of the technology, explaining the results, and to help drive business performance using our 5 step monetization system.

The power of the Evolt is in the data. Our suite of reports in our Evolt Insights platform gives you the intel to drive business decisions as well as provide your customers with the insights to achieve their goals.

Our Evolt Insights software gives you on demand insight into your clubs retention and engagement, as well as providing you detailed lists of client progression and transformations to use in your marketing campaigns, with one click of a button.

Evolt’s Automated Challenge Facilitator has been designed to make the process of running a challenge seamless, quick and easy to use.

Each challenge can be set up in a few simple steps via the accompanying Evolt Insights dashboard. Members can then easily join the challenge via the Evolt Active app, by using your own unique code. They will also be able to track their progress scans to help keep them motivated and on track, with a leaderboard that automatically helps select your winners.

At the end of the challenge, each participant will receive an individualized report on their performance, and an overview report can be generated to see the total fat loss, weight loss, and muscle gain, amongst other data, to be used in your post challenge marketing campaigns.

BMI measures only height-to-weight ratio, without taking muscle into account. The minute you start resistance training, BMI slowly stops applying to you.

Evolt’s unique BWI– Bio Wellness Index – factors in everything on the client’s scan to give an overview of their health — skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat, muscular balance, and the ratio of lean body mass to body fat mass, to give a true reflection of the clients health and fitness.

The Evolt Active app is the free, progressive way for your clients to track their body composition progress. View immediate insights about their body and receive instant feedback to see how your exercise and nutritional interventions affect their goals. The app stores unlimited body scans in ‘easy to read’ progress graphs and charts. The app has an intuitive calorie and macronutrient calculator based on your body composition and individual goals. 

The Evolt Active app is your client’s complete health and fitness hub, all from the palm of their hand.

Multiple avenues for generating revenue exist with our system. Beyond the option of charging $30 to $50 per scan during point-of-sale interactions, you can also integrate challenges into your revenue strategy, allowing you to potentially charge participants up to $99 per entry. Our data indicates that, on average, each gym conducts around 50 scans per month. For instance, if a gym opts for a $30 scan fee, this would result in a monthly revenue of $1500. Alternatively, considering our financial model at approximately $400 a month, gyms adopting this model would achieve positive cash flow through the incorporation of an Evolt scanner into their business.

Interpreting Results

The EVOLT 360 is a body composition analyzer. It provides a quick, non-invasive measurement of your body composition delivering over 40 unique health metrics in under 30 seconds.

More importantly, the Evolt 360 ecosystem is the number 1 retention and engagement tool for gyms and fitness businesses to provide more value to, and increase the lifetime value of their clients, ultimately generating more profit for their business, and greater results for their clients.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis has been used in medicine for many years and is completely safe to use as it does not use any form of radiation. It is the fastest, safest, and most convenient form of body composition testing.

BIA uses a multi frequency method to measure the resistance of the current flowing through tissue, and is one of the highest standards of measuring muscle, fat and fluid in medicine.

DEXA is a dual energy x-ray that measures density of tissue and is the gold standard of Bone Density measurements in medicine.

Both measures of testing have a repeatability standard of 98-99%, only the Evolt 360 is faster, easier to use, and a fraction of the price.

Skinfold measurements are an outdated method of determining subcutaneous fat only, and can never determine a person’s visceral fat, or their total body fat measurements. Skinfold measurements are subject to a very high degree of inaccuracy and rely on a skilled individual to take the measurements, one who is qualified in anthropometry, and even then, the location of the skinfold test needs to be impossibly precise to have any form of repeatability.

BIA, however, uses a multi-frequency electrical current to measure subcutaneous fat and visceral fat separately for an accurate and total view of a client’s body fat.

To ensure consistency of progressive measurements that are consistent with your training and nutrition goals, we recommend scanning in 4 or 8 week blocks. You should expect to see a result in 4 weeks if you are following the right training and nutrition protocols, and if female that it aligns with a regular menstrual cycle to ensure repeatability of the results.

We also use a 5 point algorithm that takes into account your height, weight, age, gender, and the impedance of the electrical current. This, as we have seen in the research, is required for accuracy and is one of the reasons we pride ourselves with a 98-99% repeatability. Other BIA scanners on the market use a 3 point algorithm that ignores your age and gender. Which essentially means that if you step on a competitor’s scanner, it will simply assume you’re a 21 year old male.

The Evolt 360 scanner, unlike your generic BIA devices, measures the body in a 5 compartment model. It individually scans the abdominal region, where the visceral fat is located, and uses a higher frequency current to penetrate deeper into the torso to scan the visceral fat of the user. 

Metal implants will demonstrate high conductance and low impedance of the alternating electrical current that is used with BIA scanning in a similar manner to tissue that has a high water content such as skeletal muscle. Accordingly, metal implants will impact the scan result and will likely indicate that a person has a higher level of lean body mass that will be representative of a lower overall body fat percentage. However, silicone and ceramic implants have a low conductivity of the electrical current, and will be read as body fat tissue.

There are many models and pricing options that can be used to compliment your business to incentivize engagement and retention, from pay per scan all the way to a subscription model! Book in with one of our Evolt performance specialists to see which model will work best with your specific business HERE.

Evolt offers both upfront and leasing options, from paid in full all the way to our 36 month interest free option to help level up businesses of any size. Book in with one of our Evolt reps to find out which option will work best for your specific business and needs, HERE.

Yes! We provide extensive education and marketing materials to our clients, including social media-ready images and videos. We also suggest using the machine at local events such as health fairs and corporate wellness events to spread the word. The unit is highly mobile. All clients receive Evolt Zone artwork, a pre-designed page to insert into their website, an educational series of videos and social media tiles. Posters, flyers, social tiles, marketing assets — you name it.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) works by passing a safe, low intensity electrical current through the body via the tactile points on the machine (feet and hands). The response of biological tissues to an alternating electrical signal applied produces a bioelectrical impedance which is a function of tissue composition as well as the frequency of the applied electrical signal. Impedance varies with tissue structure, tissue composition, tissue health, and signal frequency. The resistance to flow of the alternating current determines the difference between muscle mass, fat mass (including visceral and subcutaneous), water and minerals.

The scan process is easy and takes less than 30 seconds.

You do not need to remove any clothing unless it is heavy or bulky. Shoes and socks must be removed and feet and hands should be disinfected before a scan. Please ensure all items are removed from your pockets, (I.e. Phones, keys, coins etc.), as it is extra weight that cannot be scanned by the machine.

The frequency of measurement is fully dependent on each individual or program. Generally, people like to scan every 4-8 weeks to accurately track and monitor their progress to ensure their diet is correct for their training regime. Not only that, it’s super motivating to see your results change!

Evolt Active is the smart, progressive way to track your body composition progress. View immediate insights about your body and receive instant feedback to see how your exercise and nutritional choices affect your goals. The app stores unlimited body scans in ‘easy to read’ progress graphs and charts. The app has an intuitive calorie and macronutrient calculator based on your body composition and individual goals. Evolt Active is your personal GPS guide to your body composition goals.
Visit Evolt Active www.evoltactive.com to find out more.

General Health and Nutrition

While it’s not essential, we advise against focusing on your body composition during pregnancy due to the significant changes in your bodily water content while carrying a baby. Similarly, if you have a pacemaker, although the electrical current used in our scanner is very gentle and secure, it’s prudent to consult your doctor before using the scanner. Your safety is our priority, and seeking medical guidance is always a wise step before utilizing our scanning technology.

Whilst it is important to always scan under the exact same conditions for consistency and repeatability, there are a number of medications that can alter a scan result where the medications significantly change hydration status, blood volume and body temperature changes.  The most notable being –

  • Medications that influence ICW / ECW (intracellular water & extracellular water) and Nitrogen retention – influence interpretation of protein / mineral measures, soft lean mass etc. Creatine, anabolic, beta 3 agonists, peptides etc. will influence the result.
  • Hydration status – as in euhydrated in this case and influence of things like caffeine intake, pre-workouts,

    diuretics, thermogenics. (dehydrated normally
    overestimates body fat).

  • Other medications that may influence blood volume, include things like Metal Plates, Pins & Gut contents.
  • Water Compartmentalization including Sodium and Potassium (intracellular electrolyte) retention particularly from the use of diuretic medications.
  • Iron status – anaemia vs hemochromatosis – high ferritin = increase red blood cell mass = increase blood viscosity = influence BIA interpretation of total body water and lean body mass – as in register higher soft tissue and total body water therefore may result in reduced measure of total body fat etc. (anaemia may do the opposite).
  • Drugs that increase blood flow via vasoconstriction – changes blood volume and ECW / TBW ratio which influences the interpretation of fat mass, these may include stimulants (Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderall and Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed)

BIA provides an analysis of the human body at the time the scan is performed, reflecting the body composition of the individual at that time.  As with any form of body composition analysis, including all forms of BIA, Bod Pod and DEXA, medications, including steroid based medications, will influence the results due to the role of those substances in the body, particularly with respect to intracellular and extracellular water and nitrogen retention within lean muscle tissue.  As previously mentioned, steroid medications and other medications that alter hydration status such as creatine, beta 3 agonists, peptides etc. will influence the result where it relates to Lean Body Mass, in particular, Total Body Water.

It is important to always scan under the same conditions each time with the same variables to ensure consistency and repeatability of results.

Consuming food will show a minor change in your scan result.  It is always best practice to scan on an empty stomach, however, you can still scan after eating a meal, so long as you re-scan under the exact same conditions each time you scan.

High levels of total body fat can have substantial impact obesity related diseases such as –

  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease and strokes
  • certain types of cancer
  • sleep apnea
  • osteoarthritis
  • fatty liver disease
  • kidney disease
  • pregnancy problems, such as high blood sugar during pregnancy, high blood pressure, and increased risk for caesarean delivery (C-section)

High visceral fat is associated with an increased risk and incidence of obesity related diseases include type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and inflammatory conditions due to an increase in pro-inflammatory mediators within the body leading to adverse health outcomes and higher mortality.  Visceral fat is generally recommended to account for approximately 10-20% total fat in men and 5-8% in women.

It is important to maintain consistency around scanning throughout the Menstrual Cycle as there are significant fluid changes around hormonal shifts.  As you can see in the diagram, during the luteal phase, progesterone rises which has a natural diuretic effect.  Whereas, in the follicular phase, estrogen rises which can increase fluid retention significantly.  The recommendation is to always scan in the same phase of the menstrual cycle ie. in the follicular or luteal Phase, within the same few days.

While BIA scanning can safely be undertaken during pregnancy, we recommend women do not scan during pregnancy simply because a woman will experience a large amount of change in body composition over the course of the 40 week pregnancy, simply by nature of the baby’s development over that period.  Maternal weight gain in pregnancy is widely considered necessary for an adequate foetal development and development rates of the baby will vary considerably over each trimester of the pregnancy and the increase of maternal weight will depend on changes of various anatomical feto-maternal structures (foetus, uterus, amniotic fluid, amniotic membranes, placenta), maternal body fat and breast tissue as well as total body water (TBW).  TBW increases during pregnancy by about 5–8 litres and the composition of lean tissue changes as pregnancy progresses, thereby compromising the ability to obtain an accurate estimate of pregravid weight status and/or body composition immediately before or early in pregnancy and affecting the validity of body composition change estimates.  Accordingly we recommend women refrain from BIA scans during pregnancy.

BIA will Interpret silicone and saline Implants as fat whereas a DEXA scan will interpret breast or buttock implants as bone, which is why direct comparison between different types of scans is inconsistent and can be misleading.

The contents of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract can influence the result of the BIA scan so it is recommended that for the most accurate and reliable results, the scan be undertaken with an empty stomach.  It is not a compulsory requirement of the BIA scan to fast for an extended duration prior to the scan, rather, we recommend you participate in any follow up scans with as close to the conditions as your original scan as possible.

Firstly, within healthy guidelines we are trying to achieve a physique goal that is perhaps beyond what has been achieved before for yourself and so in order to do this the importance of the protein macronutrient is enhanced. Protein is the macronutrient that functions to service muscle tone, shape, recovery and strength. Provided we are exercising, the body is well equipped to deliver protein to our muscles for these needs as well as for storage. Whist Protein may have the same caloric value as Carbohydrates, it is regarded as a leaner food group because of its efficient function for muscles, therefore being stored in muscles rather than in and around organs as potential fat cells.

Significant research exists supporting the importance of maintaining lean body mass in a fat loss scenario such as:

  • Increased metabolism of lean muscle assists with the reduction of obesity
  • Increased muscle glycogen (carbohydrate) storing capacity for exercise
  • Maintaining muscle over the lifespan can aid in reduction in obesity and weight gain as a result of aging (in presence of sarcopenia)
  • Improved ability to tolerate high-stress environments
  • Improved responses to critical illness and disease (you could say also prevention of disease in the case of obesity)
  • Decreased osteoporosis
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved independence and activities of daily living in older adults
  • Decreased risk of falls in older adults
  • Protection against injury from bumps and knocks

To view your Macro’s you must download the App and sign up before getting the Evolt 360 Scan. Using your details, log into the Evolt 360 kiosk and complete a scan. The result will automatically fire to your Evolt Active app. Head to the “Profile” section and view your individualized macro profile under the “My Macro’s tab”.

If you have a fitness goal in mind, tracking your nutrition is essential to help reach your goals. Counting calories can leave you feeling starved or lethargic, whereas if you are eating the correct nutritious food for your body you will feel great! Tracking your macros also gives flexibility and more variety within your diet – never get bored again!

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Since EVOLT was founded, our sole purpose has been to make the world a healthier place. As our journey has evolved and grown, our mission is just as important now than ever before. Health is our most valuable asset and Evolt is committed to giving people more metrics on their health insights to focus on what matters to them.


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