Here at Evolt, our passion is to educate the community that healthy is not just a number on the scale. So, it’s great to hear stories on how individuals have used the Evolt 360 Body Scan to successfully track the incremental changes in their body composition to improve their overall health. And of course, it’s even more satisfying when you can take years off your bio-age!

“Staying dedicated to your fitness journey inside and outside of the gym isn’t always easy, but like many things, hard work and consistency bring great reward. And it was no different for Anytime Fitness Concord members, Alicia and Nikko!

These two have been working hard on (and off!) the purple turf to make healthy happen over the last few years, and while they could feel the results, they wanted to see them and know that their work was paying off, too. That’s where the Evolt 360 body scan machine comes in! In just 60 seconds, one body scan could tell them everything they wanted to know about their bodies and their progress—and, it sure did.

The Evolt 360 body scan reads over 40 different measurements about your body composition, including: muscle mass, fat mass, water and mineral levels, and so much more. Both Alicia and Nikko’s lean muscle mass and body fat mass numbers came in at an extremely healthy level, along with their body fat percentages. Beyond that, their “biological age,” which you want to be equal or less than your actual age, came in 3-4 years younger than their true ages. Wow!

We’re so proud of you, Alicia and Nikko. It’s truly an amazing feeling to see the results of your hard work come to life! There’s no stopping the both of you now. Keep on making healthy happen!”

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