How Gold’s Gym tracks progress and customizes programs to assist clients in reaching their health and fitness goals

Gold’s Gym has been one of the biggest brands in fitness for decades and has a very proud history that started way back in 1965. Full of inclusiveness, Gold’s Gym offers strength and weight training, cardio, classes and personal trainers – they have everything their members could ever need!

Gold’s Gym in Kippa-Ring, south-east Queensland (Australia) has been operational since January 2022. Within its 2400sqm facility, the gym not only has a training modality that caters to everyone, but there is also a full-service Raw Energy Café, a retail pro shop with Gold’s merchandise, and a massive supplement store as well as Gold’s Kids Club!

There are so many things that separate Gold’s Gym Kippa-Ring from simple design features that include their Gold’s history wall, exposed brick walls, framed pictures from the original Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, and a massive open plan main gym floor.

It’s certainly an impressive gym!

From Traditional Methods To High Tech

Previously, Gold’s Gym Kippa-Ring members and personal training clients would all be tracked through other means such as progress photos, body fat measurement tests and tracking via measuring tape.

The local Queensland gym decided to purchase an Evolt 360 body composition scanner because ‘Evolt offered a high-quality product with a great service, and the app is really handy for clients to track progression.’

The Evolt Active app is the perfect way for Gold’s Gym members to look at their Evolt 360 scans and make comparisons to see how they’re tracking along their health and fitness journey. With macronutrient profiling and supplement recommendations, it’s no wonder Gold’s Gym Kippa-Ring members are leading the pack when it comes to reaching their goals!