As new tech is becoming more and more prevalent in the fitness industry, an increasing challenge owners are coming up against is how to optimize the value in customer data. The main considerations are: What metric is most valuable to my business? How can I combine the use of technology and customer data in my business to ensure that members are getting results? How can this be incorporated and how does it benefit my existing clients? How does this factor into the sales and marketing efforts of my business?

A Roadmap to Achieving your Customers Goals

The most valuable metric to any business owner in the fitness space is individualized and aggregated reporting to understanding clients health and a roadmap to achieving their goals. Premium access to Evolt Insights unlocks intuitive reporting, member trend analysis and automated transformation challenge features for the ultimate in member engagement and retention. Taking success and failure beyond the scale, the ability to dive into clients lives outside of the four walls of the gym and creating opportunity to engage with clients at the right time is invaluable. Nobody ever leaves a gym if they are getting results. Quantifiable, efficient data, at scale, accessible through the Evolt Insights platform is needed to properly orchestrate this.

An Unbiased Validation of your Coaching and Programming

The next layer is to maximize sales and marketing efforts using the various Evolt Insights reports. Firstly, data from the implementation needs to be injected into the existing client base. After 60 days of data, reporting can be generated through the Evolt Insights portal that shows hard, unbiased validation of your coaching and programming. If you can show during the prospects first interaction, the results of your gym as a whole (utilizing the Overview Data Analytic Report) as well as results from your PT clients (Activity Report), this is powerful to influence the higher end purchase, as well as show the capability and care you take to ensure progress from your members.


Setting Realistic Goals – Combining their Personal Goals with Real Data

Second, we have to help the client understand the importance of this technology during the initial interview of a prospect. They often have weight loss goals in terms of a number they’d like to get back to, or a certain number of pounds or kilograms they want to lose. Digging into the true motivation behind this and combining their goals with realistic, achieveable results is key. The Overview and Progression Report is a great tool to help set expectations. This unique, unidentified report provides a collated view of your member demographic, average goals, body types and body fat percentages which can showcase actual results.

Beyond the Number on the Scales

When you really break down the clients motivation, they come to the understanding this goes beyond the number on the scale. They are now aware of the importance of muscular balance, controlling stress levels, recovery and other important components of accomplishing their true goal. The good news is that through the Progression and Regression Reports, you can monitor their progress to see if they have made positive body composition progress over a certain time frame or similarly if they have regressed. This offers the opportunity to re-evaluate their goals and offer data-driven solutions to ensure that they stay on track.

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