Body Transformation Challenges are one of the most powerful ways to gain new clients and draw more people into your Health or Fitness facility.

Best form of Advertising
Some of the most successful businesses are continuously running transformation challenges throughout the year and using their client’s successes to promote their brand. These gyms or health facilities report greater ‘word of mouth’ business – just from running these transformation challenges, over any other form of advertising.

A Ready-Made Challenge 
Getting started can be a bit of a battle if you’ve never run a transformation challenge before and most gym owners don’t have the time to be doing weigh ins, measurements, tracking the progress on a spreadsheet (which can take hours!) Evolt 360 Body Scanner owners are already ahead of other businesses because they can use the inbuilt, unique Challenge facilitator, housed within the Evolt Insights Management Dashboard platform. It has been designed to make the process seamless, quick and easy to use.

All you need to do is follow these easy steps –
1. Create a New Challenge on the Challenge Tab in the Evolt Insights Management Dashboard
2. Choose your Challenge Name, Start Date & Duration
3. Generate your unique challenge code
4. Distribute your challenge code to your participants
5. Start scanning!

Run simultaneous challenges to different segments of your database simply by creating a new challenge for each and allocating unique codes.

Live Leaderboard and Individualized Reporting
The Challenge facilitator has a Live Leaderboard, showing the progress of all participants. The results are presented in a leaderboard style showing metrics such as the most amount of Fat Lost or the most amount of Muscle Gained at any time during or after the challenge. The leaderboard can be downloaded into an excel file.

The Challenge facilitator will also provide automated reporting at the end of the Challenge Date in a data analytic format showing the total collated amount of weight lost, fat lost, muscle gained and the improvement of Bio Age Scores and Bio Wellness Index scores. This is a fantastic way to advertise for your next challenge!

Reward your clients with their own personalized report, highlighting their achievements over the challenge period giving them a record of their success. Conversely if the client hasn’t obtained their desired results, here is a unique opportunity to engage with your client to find out how you can help further to make sure they do reach their goals.

The Evolt 360 Body Scanner and Evolt Insights Management Dashboard is the ultimate in providing fitness businesses with unique ways to drive new members into their facility and create new income streams in an automated, easy to use system.

Find out how much income you can generate through a challenge. Calculate your ROI here

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