The Evolt 360 Becomes More Than A Business Investment At Fighting Fit Training

Fighting Fit Training, an Adelaide based gym is all about strengthening not only the body, but the spirit and the mind.

It’s through positive reinforcement that sees the success of clients, reinforcing that even the smallest of victories is a big achievement – whether it be taking a walk, or hitting a new 100k PB in the gym.

Owner, Nathan Tingay is passionate about reaching out to his clients to make sure they’re hitting targets and has now taken on board the Evolt 360 body composition scanner to help get them there.

“We want everyone to be comfortable and confident in working on themselves, so working with us and giving 100% isn’t a requirement – it has to be a ‘want’ that they find within themselves,” he explains.

Why Nathan Brought In An Evolt

Before bringing an Evolt 360 into the lives of his clients, Nathan was keeping tabs on progress through traditional methods, which we now know are becoming more and more outdated as technology advances.

“We would use body tape measurements and weight scales once per week, but it was very up and down,” he says.

“When it came to getting my hands on an Evolt, it was originally recommended to me by someone I have a lot of respect and faith for in the industry. I’ve also seen other like-minded coaches who are quite successful using the Evolt, it was a wise investment.”

business investment

Onwards And Upwards With Evolt

Now that Nathan has an Evolt for his clients, there’s absolutely no going back to the old ways,.

“The Evolt helps me amend programs continuously with better accuracy because it tells me of all the imbalances in the body,” he reveals.

“It provides me with a great calorie breakdown and TDEE which I use to come up with the intensity of the program. Another benefit is that it helps keep my clients be more accountable.”

“A big factor in the Evolt scans is that I can see how hydrated or dehydrated they are, so I can absolutely help them improve their water intake, which I couldn’t test before unless I got a urine sample, which I wasn’t keen on doing.”

Nathan’s success with scanning his clients has proven the Evolt to be a valuable asset to his company.

“It’s a complete investment into the company, and I can use it to add revenue,” he adds.

“Finances aside, it helps with retention of clients now they have their numbers in front of them keeping them accountable not only through weight and body size, but through everything that’s going on within them.”

Having an Evolt has truly helped Nathan with driving great results and progress, and a team representative said, “Our clients are just as happy with the Evolt as we are!”

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For more information on Fighting Fit Training or booking in for a body scan with their Evolt 360, check out their Instagram handle @Fighting_Fit_Training or search on Facebook.
For more information about purchasing an Evolt 360 for your business visit or request an information pack below. Further information on the Evolt 360 is also available here

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